Il y a 1 heureaeonblueaeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
There seems to be some stores that incorrectly spell the company name as 'Pandars' so I've kept it as an alias to hopefully prevent reposts.
Il y a 1 heuredimxxzdimxxz ♥初音ミク
Thank you for accepting my FR! Nice to meet you! :)
Il y a 1 heureManoShuZeroManoShuZero
[ext link ]
Is this listing for this model? Even the listed artist is the same.
Il y a 1 heureSayuSayu
Delayed again?! I'm tired of that! I want my Stardust :(
And Myethos doesn't even communicate about that..
Il y a 1 heureYookoNiiYookoNii
where did you find that glasses?
i want it so badly T_T
Il y a 1 heureWBoredom36WBoredom36
Lehst (Il y a 4 heures) #22632678lol I was curious to know who else has the Kaito Kid figma. (mine hasn't arrived yet ofc but I like to mark that I paid for him.) Anyways, I like your collection! Detective Conan fans ftw! plus you got other badasses like Vash, Layton, and Lunica! <3
wow you even ordered the Union Creative variants for Akai and Amuro? I was really tempted to get item #564580 but I already have a nice looking prize figure of him.
Detective Conan is the best! I really wanted to preorder the Shinichi variant, but I was unable to ;~; (the aftermarket is gonna be hell). I was also unable to pick up the True Criminal figma at the same time as Kid, but I'll get it soon. I may have to cancel some of my other preorders just to afford all the Conan figures, but hey, anything for my favorite fandom! (I just wish there was one for Masumi Sera)
Il y a 1 heureReichiReichi
Are not you tired of downloading and deleting this photo every month?
Il y a 1 heureAimaileafyAimaileafy
Woher kannst du so gut Deutsch, wenn ich fragen darf >w< ♥?
Il y a 1 heureAmylaseAmylase
Apparently, this goes on P.O. tomorrow.
Il y a 1 heuresayfdosayfdo
Premier étage :

Figurine "fantasy gallery" akira + 1 lithographie encadrée, figurine berserk guts "blood version" et 1 lithographie encadrée.

Deuxième étage :

Figurine "bastard!!" arshes nei + 1 lithographie encadrée, figurine saint seiya "déesse athéna" et 1 lithographie encadrée.

Troisième étage :

Figurine shining ark "sakuya mode seraphim" + 1 lithographie encadrée, figurine shining resonance "rinna mayfield" et 1 lithographie encadrée.

Quatrième étage :

Tirage unique limité à 1530 exemplaires et numéroté du tome 1 de "wika et la fureur d'obéron" + 1 ex-libris numéroté, signé et limité à 199 exemplaires, art book hokuto no ken ultimate illustration box et 1 ex-libris.
Il y a 1 heurehoratiohoratio
Not bad. A pity that there's no mini Eren doll for Mikasa to hug.
Il y a 1 heurekamikazilucaskamikazilucas
so suruga is saying it wont accept my payment because it dosent accept international cards,so what the fuck do it do

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