Il y a 51 minutes (Il y a 50 minutes)vhosekvhosek
If anyone is looking to sell theirs, then PM me please! :)
Il y a 56 minuteskarolannafellowskarolannafellows
Thanks 4 replying! I'm only interested in her body/torso legs and arm parts for cheaply and maybe the box (?) thanks!
xteabunny (Il y a 19 heures) #29707616If you are still interested, I am planning on splitting her! I only want the hair. (*^^)v
Il y a 57 minutesfeelingsofreefeelingsofree
Wow! I always love your diary posts!

This was actually the first time for me seeing someone take pictures inside Mandarake, Suruga, Kotobukiya, etc.

Not only that you are such more knowledgeable to BL - like where to buy and stuff. I really like the display - and finally being able to see what is being sold and how it is being displayed (can't really always trust Kinokuniya always the time here as my idea of BL display) -

It's just so beautiful and omg I would be tempted to stay for HOURS just windowshopping - or actually shopping at the stores AHHHHH

AND YES FINALLY I GET TO SEE SOME FREE STUFF BEING DISPLAYED - but it is mostly the figures huh -- nothing really too unique. I can see the birthday goods - and I swear I would just empty the shelves -- omg don't know whether or not I can go to Japan is a blessing because I would just be shooting my foot and going broke because of my nonresponsible spending.

I just loved all the BL goods that are being sold. Like ahhhh~ This is my first time seeing the price tag - and I'm like --- omg what those pins are in the 3000 yen range? WHAT FOR A PIN?

Thank goodness I am thinking clear for those BL merch --- ahhh

Thank you for your review! You totally look like you know what you're doing - maybe because it's your second time - but if I was in Japan - I would be so lost to what to do - but dang - I enjoyed reading!

Il y a 58 minutesTitan_ScientistTitan_Scientist
Oh, wow, that's actually a really nice R-18 figure. I love her expression (confident! sexy!), and the sculpt of her chest and... intimate area, for lack of a better phrase, is really nice as well.
Il y a 1 heureKaneelKaneel on Ice
Deleted them

just some points i noticed

- please do not use the title field to repeat information covered otherwise
prices in the db should be listed without tax

depending on what site you used i can tell you really swift how to identify tax prices
though it's always best to use the manufacturers site for infos first.
In case of tsumamare you can easily use the link from the encyclopedia entry (mfc link) to get to cospas listing and then you just have to search for the origin and have all info there, including also the jan codes.
Meu querido!
quando eu vi essa foto no cafa ano passado, eu nem imaginava que era sua hahahahahahahahaahha

Caramba xD
lembro de ter admirado pra caramba, sem contar a ideia fantastica!
e agora voce é meu amigo, que emoção hahahaha
Il y a 1 heureOceanRoostOceanRoost
I'm not usually a fan of r-18 figures as the meekness really gives me an icky feeling, so I'm so glad to see this one! I love her confident expression and in control, positive body language! She really does look amazing, thanks for the review!
Il y a 1 heure (Il y a 1 heure)KaneelKaneel on Ice
Free_Phi (Il y a 1 heure) #29734029snip

This conversation is getting
a) pretty offtopic and
b) really onesided

c) you managed to quote a comment several months old
please check your (mfc link)
and mark " Display full dates" to avoid at least c

Il y a 1 heureYamanekoYamaneko
Happy Belated Birthday! btw We have bd on the same day lol xD
Il y a 1 heureAdamskaAdamska
It also needs to be changed back to an origin. (I can't edit.)
Il y a 1 heure (Il y a 11 minutes)Free_PhiFree_Phi Meta-Sentient Cyber-Imp
riringo (Il y a 10 heures) #29722166Why GoT specifically though?
The violet eyes are the giveaway. This is picked up from Daeny's description in the ASoI&F book series. Blend that with the elegiac, mournful vibe of her depiction on GoT, and you've got this character.

riringo (Il y a 10 heures) #29722166It doesn't matter if she was GoT inspired in some way,
Not sure what you mean by "doesn't matter." Teakatt just made an astute and apt comparison, and a provocative observation, and got quicly shouted down by a very small-minded and short-sighted voice. This whole forum is for discussing toys, which by and large don't "matter" by most metrics...

riringo (Il y a 10 heures) #29722166 I'm a GoT fan and Daenerys isn't the first thing that comes to my mind when I see this sculpt,
Okay, so your less observant and perceptive than Teakatt. So what?
riringo (Il y a 10 heures) #29722166The only similarities I can see are her white long hair, large round eyes and expression, but those are all part of her original design, so I can't really see how "there's absolutely no doubt" that she's influenced by Daenerys ...
Again, this merely bespeaks the limitations of your powers of perception and pattern recognition.
riringo (Il y a 10 heures) #29722166I can definitely see similarities, but saying it's a conscious influence feels like a leap. :\
Influence is not necessarily conscious. Any time an artist revisits or updates a character, he essentially throws it in a blender with everything that colored the pop-culture zeitgeist since the original was created. Daeny's "scent" is unmistakable in this piece.
Gwenwyfar (Il y a 6 heures) #29729629Yep, and this character has been like this even before GoT and created way before GoT was even a thing, so... I still doubt it, unless we have quotes from the artists to go by.
Oh come now, that's a discourse-crippling, reductionist, dismissive mindset entirely hostile to interesting and valid argument. You essentially dismiss any original thought a priori. I sense that that's comforting to you because it limits the universe of things you need to think about, but many like to indulge in intuition and inference...
Gwenwyfar (Il y a 6 heures) #29729629No one will ever know for sure unless they say so.
Again, so what? Then what makes your rigid, simplistic dismissal more valid than Teakatt's fascinating and impressive sentiments?
Gwenwyfar (Il y a 6 heures) #29729629if anything this reminds me more of Lenneth.
I don't know who that is. Did the sculptor cite it as a source??? Gwenwyfar (Il y a 6 heures) #29729629Its as riringo has said, this style is common.
What style is that? Stormborn style?
Gwenwyfar (Il y a 6 heures) #29729629And surely they don't use just a single artwork as a basis.
Wait...who am I hearing right now?
Gwenwyfar (Il y a 6 heures) #29729629TeaKatt: Yep, I just wanted to point out I find it unlikely, nothing more. Sorry about that. Cheers :)
Alright good show of sportsmanship in the end there. I'll admit that I'm deliberately overstating my case to make a point. I hate to see interesting, ingenuous suggestions like Teakatt's dismissed out of hand...and with unnecessary sharpness...
Il y a 1 heure (Il y a 1 heure)CicielyCiciely
I just buy and find a place later or before it arrives I'll look at my cases and go "'ll probably fit here best, so I can move this to there." I try to keep like figures on each shelf but I'm running out of room with 3 detolfs so
Il y a 1 heureCicielyCiciely
How fun! Maybe I'll give it a shot too.
Il y a 1 heureTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board SellingMyFigures! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
Il y a 1 heure (Il y a 1 heure)AnimeGurumaAnimeGuruma
Aah managed to nab one loose for $70 happy, I can mod it into [ext link ] !
Il y a 1 heurepgm246pgm246
im selling my tsukki plushie for $30 plus 5 for US shipping! please message me if you're interested!
Il y a 1 heureTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board sebastiao239! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
Il y a 1 heurenakochinakochi
Selling for $25 plus shipping :) Prefer to sell to US but international is ok as long as you're alright with the shipping charges ^^
Il y a 1 heureKaneelKaneel on Ice
monkry (Il y a 1 heure) #29732976Hello, thank you very much for you reply :) I tried again this morning (without doing anything) and it worked...

Blocked i would know because we hadn't any case for a long time(thankfully)

A reason i could think of because it happened to me too recently
- the picture file you used was to big in size and/or pixel size

especially with png pictures this happens really fast
maybe you can link what you wanted to add so we can check it

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