Il y a 3 heures (Il y a 3 heures)lightningmaidlightningmaid 不思議な
I started this hobby by collecting Figma. Although, I did have only specific characters in mind I wanted to have as a Figma such as Black Rock Shooter or Sword Art Online characters. By which I mean characters that need crazy dynamic poses, as I do like creating a crazy action pose. As many said, once I like a certain pose it mostly stays in the same pose for a long while.

The reason why I stopped buying them is 1) their prices, I don't want to spend 6k on an 14cm tall figure 2) they lack accessories/important accessories are exclusive. An example is the Overwatch Figma line; Genji doesn't come with an ultimate item #549510 and is a 7k figure.
Il y a 3 heuresmorderkaihmorderkaih
Gandalf (Il y a 2 jours) #29636365How'd the request go, they sending replacement legs?

I'm still watching the prices on this, most big retailers have yet to drop/raise the price. A few of the others seem to be dropping gradually then suddenly jumping back up. If she is going to drop like Eugen I guess it might be after Xmas at this rate.

Pretty good so far
Dear Customer,

We wonder we have already received your inquiry and send you replacement the other day.

Please wait a moment you will receive the part shortly.

Thank you.

Good Smile Company Customer Support
I am still wating.
Il y a 3 heuressarioussarious Chino is Life
It comes with a cat? Must buy.
Il y a 3 heuresRunas20000Runas20000
Does anyone know when this will go up for pre-order?
Il y a 3 heurestharglettharglet
I order stuff... receive it, then try and work out wtf I'm gonna do with it... yeah... this planning thing? Not so good.

I prefer displays to be a mix rather have all my similar stuff together. Some pictures of stuff like "all the Asukas" look nice as a photo but I wouldn't want to do it in my own home.
Il y a 3 heuresTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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Il y a 3 heureslightningmaidlightningmaid 不思議な
This might be reaching, but maybe due to the holidays and indicidents of missing packages/packages taking too long they're forcing ppl to use EMS, so they'll have less trouble with customers.

Lireli (Il y a 4 heures) #29726634Fair points everyone, but I have ordered a TON of things from AmiAmi and I only recently started not getting the RSAL option. The only time before I wouldn't get RSAL was when I ordered something ridiculously large that I knew wouldn't fit =o This is the part that confuses me, just seems like a recent thing but could definitely just be bias!
Il y a 3 heuresfonjikunfonjikun
nice shot
Il y a 3 heuresSchangiaSchangia
Schangia (Il y a 10 mois) #18101398Selling for 90 EUR including international shipping
Il y a 3 heuresSchangiaSchangia
Schangia (Il y a 10 mois) #18101396Selling for 90 EUR including international shipping
Il y a 3 heures (Il y a 34 minutes)HeldrikHeldrik
I organize my collection mainly by series or theme. The four sections of my glass showcase are as follows, from top to bottom: Fate, OreImo, [Insert theme or series here] and Magical Girls (Precure + Puella Magi).

Seeing as I plan to move my Detolf into another room and buy another showcase, I'll probably dedicate one mainly to Fate (since some of the figures I'd like or plan to buy take quite some space), but let's not get carried away.

As for the boxes, the cupboard where I keep them is almost full, so I guess I should think of another place to store them...
Il y a 3 heuresKazeNoBlastKazeNoBlast
These Megahouse Limited and Exclusive are such a pain T_T Figures are not expensive enough already?! I need a Gaara scale in my collection since many years, but such a price for a Megahouse 15cm figure is so ridiculous =^S Not to forget that by preordering, we can't see the final product before buying.
Il y a 3 heuresDrSeehundDrSeehund
Jo-the-Nendo (Il y a 3 heures) #29726845What lighting do you use?

Hi :D

I use Ikea Lamps called "LEDBERG"
Il y a 3 heuresgeroticgerotic
Soarin (Il y a 4 heures) #29726170Timing was a big point on this figure, the pre-orders closed at about the same time Fate: Apocrypha season 1 started. The character featured in this anime as one of the leading protagonists with a rather unique personality. With supply gone and the demand increasing week on week as the anime progressed the result is what we have now. Amakuni really screwed up on the production timing for this character, they could have sold a magnitude more figures if they had shifted their dates back by a month.

Seriously, I don't understand why they started and closed pre orders so early. I'm willing to bet they could have sold double the amount of preorders if they started pre orders around now instead with everyone now aware of the character. Now you have websites trying to charge almost triple the price of the preorder cost.

I'm just waiting on Mandarake. For what ever reason they have only sold one of this figure so far.
Il y a 3 heuresSchangiaSchangia
Schangia (Il y a 10 mois) #18210451Selling him for 35 EUR plus shipping from Germany. Also selling Makishima (35 EUR) or both as a set for 60 EUR.
Il y a 3 heuresSchangiaSchangia
Schangia (Il y a 10 mois) #18210456Selling him for 35 EUR plus shipping from Germany. Also selling Toudou (35 EUR) or both as a set for 60 EUR.
Il y a 3 heuresMajesticCowMajesticCow
Other than the fact that my matching rin and len figures have to be by each other, the rest is just chaos lack of space is a mean one.
Il y a 3 heuresBeth2468Beth2468
I really enjoyed reading your blog! :3
Thank you for sharing so many nice pics and comments! :)
Il y a 3 heuresJo-the-NendoJo-the-Nendo
What lighting do you use?
Il y a 3 heuresSenbeiSenbei
Clyde_Barrow (Il y a 9 heures) #29715417This was obviously sculpted by someone who didn't play the game. That pose is so out of character.

As much as this is the case, sometimes you can't fault the sculptor because there are cases where sculptors are given a draft of the pose they need to create already and they just need to make it... who knows, it could have been the drafter's fault (and obv didn't play P5) D;

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