Il y a 3 heures (Il y a 3 heures)pafy6285pafy6285
if you have a lot of boxes and assuming you don't have storage space inside your house (garage,basement, closet, etc) but you have a lot of backyard space, then a portable/outdoor storage shed can help. Should range around $200 - $1000 depending on size as well as ease of construction/deployment but I think it should provide your 'box' storage needs.
Il y a 3 heuresLehstLehst
lotus (Il y a 9 jours) #24542423Ahhh this is so cool!! I've been eyeing these two sets too, but they're not high priority since I don't really have space to display my figures, but I love how nice and big it looks with four sets together!! I did buy a kotatsu re-ment set a while ago, that would go great with this set :3 Loved seeing your nendo swaps/customs too!Somehow I missed this comment. Thanks so much for visiting my post! I'm happy you enjoyed the pics. ^^

Yeah I'm still not sure where I'm going to set this. Right now it is on my nightstand, but I can't really keep it there lol. And ooooh the kotatsu! I love looking at what people do with re-ment but I still haven't collected any. I sure would like to (someday???) lol
Il y a 3 heuresmurialitamurialita
Damn she's good. I think she looks a lot better with this color scheme, and they put a lot more details on her outfit as well. Plus, she comes with the mini-skirt to show of her lovely legs! Have an unboxing if you are thinking about picking her up. Actually, stop thinking and buy her!
Il y a 3 heuresazusamukamiazusamukami
eunice971121 (Il y a 9 heures) #24853306Did you decide to keep your Tatsumaki?
please clear your inbox.
Il y a 3 heuresChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
I guess all I can do is be patient. In the meantime, I might as well see if I can finish Styx: Master of Shadows. Thank you for reading. :D

Wario54 (Il y a 6 heures) #24856352Nice review! You pretty much summed up my thoughts about the CE (so SHINY). The game is amazing too! As another Sonic fan, I can't wait for you to play it because I can't hype it enough!
Il y a 3 heuresChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Hehe. I see what you did there. :P

Wolfragnium (Il y a 3 heures) #24861281More like "Sonic MaNya"!
Il y a 3 heuresCeltic7GuardianCeltic7Guardian
frostwonderland (Il y a 2 mois) #21642420Hi, I'm interested in buying the Ultimate Madoka and Devil Homura nendos. Are they still available? If so, how much would they be?

Hi! I'm so sorry for the extremely late response! Had a huge spike in RL nonsense and have only recently gotten back on MFC. If you're still around and interested, feel free to reach out to me. If not, totally understand. Thanks for your interest either way!
Il y a 3 heures (Il y a 3 heures)DwDDwD
Has anyone tried sending some of the feedback posted here to the company? I feel like sending something like that would be fine but not if they were getting spammed because then it might seem disrespectful.
I think some of the edits done here would make this figure so much better and the changes are small enough to maybe be considered if someone could send in constructive criticism of what their potential buyers are feeling.
I don't know enough about Flare to know if they would care about feedback or not but I think if done the proper way it could be worth a try.
Either way as the figure is now it's a 100% buy from me but as I said before, small changes would make it perfect.
Il y a 3 heuresazusamukamiazusamukami
eunice971121 (Il y a 9 heures) #24853306Did you decide to keep your Tatsumaki?
Your inbox is full hun
Il y a 3 heureschocophsycochocophsyco
I answered your email ;)
Il y a 3 heuresMrDKJMrDKJ
I just got mine in, and maybe I'm a bit luckier, but he doesn't look as bad in person. I'm moderately happy with him.

He feels like he's made out of a cheaper material, though. I don't know if this is a recent change with SAS figures, since the last one I bought was Hermes and some of the Part 4 re-releases, but the material that he's made out doesn't feel as good.

Hoping that is only an issue with this specific figure, but I doubt that. Still happy to have a Gyro figure. He's one of my favorite Jojo characters and it's a shame we have to go through this with him.
Il y a 3 heuresWolfragniumWolfragnium
More like "Sonic MaNya"!
Il y a 3 heuresSanAndreasSanAndreas
Anyone selling in Europe please PM me.
Il y a 3 heuresCeltic7GuardianCeltic7Guardian
Carousel (Il y a 10 jours) #24470426Just a heads up that she's back in stock at AmiAmi.

Looks like she's sold out again, and I missed her preorder completely. For some reason I thought she was releasing much later than she did. ._. If anyone sees her up again, I'd love a heads up!

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