Il y a 58 minutesTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board mopeygirl! :)

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Il y a 59 minutesSunildattSunildatt Minatsuki Takami <3
He's up for pre order on Big in Japan.

With bonus: [ext link ]
Without bonus: [ext link ]
Il y a 59 minutesMirukageMirukage
Marih (Il y a 2 heures) #20457919Eu to impressionada é que a figure que eu mais quero ainda não foi comprada.....é só pra me tentar ainda mais D':

Ela tem que ser sua.

Vc já falou tanto dela que parece ser rara. Por curiosidade......Qual é? :P
Il y a 59 minutesMekunekoMekuneko
You can do the impossible and go out (preferably when there is no daylight), or add comments to all your fav figures here!

That's what I got you this early in morning. It's 6:22 am. I wish I had time off as well. Dx

Also maybe you could cook something special?
Il y a 59 minutesKyokiPonKyokiPon
To anybody refusing to buy directly
from GSC, they're available
on Nippon Yasan for 4,500 Y
Il y a 1 heureOhnoRaptorsOhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
For hobby.dengeki if you click on the image you get a higher resolution one than this.
Il y a 1 heureMirukageMirukage
DardDrak (Il y a 2 heures) #20457624Droga, uma figure da qual tenho bastante interesse está com 40% OFF
Mas 2,180¥ o frete via SAL small packet, que roubo...

Eles ganham no frete mesmo.

Imagine os Parcels que (no mínimo) custam 5000.
Il y a 1 heurelapistmacirlapistmacir
hangya (Il y a 1 an) #3259177It is, I thought it would be as tall as a figma, and I'm very suprised when she came. She's about 1/8 figure tall

Yes she's pretty tall almost as tall as my Play Arts Kai figures.
Il y a 1 heureRyobiRyobi
Il y a 1 heure (Il y a 1 heure)swedeswede
Selling, opened but in display case, $45 shipping not included, nothing broken or anything.
Il y a 1 heureokami34okami34
You're welcome and I really did mean my complement! The extra details you added onto the cardstock to make it look like a kitchen floor almost make it look like Sonic's legit base! The cat are a nice add on too! Did you hot glue them onto the base? When you made your custom base, did you get everything right on the first try? Did you find the base hard to make?

Michael's always has nice arts and crafts-related stuff! I like to go there a lot too! Even though you say that cardstock isn't very strong, it doesn't seem to be weak material at the very least! ^-^
Did you keep the original base to your Sonico figure or did you toss it in favor of the one you made?

CrowMaiden (Il y a 2 heures) #20457654Aw, thank you! I bought the cardstock from a craft store called Michaels, it's actually not very sturdy at all. As far as cardstock goes this one is like glorified paper, I think it's intended for scrapbooking. I bought it for the colour more than the sturdiness though hahaha.
Il y a 1 heurebwakanabitsbwakanabits
-oresama- (Il y a 8 heures) #20449660I get back to this picture every few months and am still always thinking "daaaaaaammnnn...why dont i have a room like this?!!"

you just need to do it one step at a time.. everything is a work in progress ^_^
Il y a 1 heuresongtantansongtantan
Shaerileth (Il y a 5 heures) #20453809Even so, Nendoroid prices have gone up. These, despite being limited + exclusive are amongst the lower priced nendoroids. They also both come with backrounds, and rabbits - Rin one, Len two respectively. They're slightly less expensive than Miku was, albeit not by much. But with figure prices rising across the board you expect a price higher than one released two years prior, not less. I'm not complaining,
I was just merely sharing my observation.

I noticed the ones with only 2 face-plates are \ the ones that is released near the lower end.
Well, I am happy with the lowered price. Even if it means we don't get as much face plate ^.^

Perhaps GSC is trying to keep price down by doing this?
I mean people probably would pause for a while before jumping on nendoroid that are near 5000Y (with tax), factoring the shipping cost, it is like 6000Y.
Il y a 1 heureTiggerSharkTiggerShark
We have an actual countdown, huh °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°. And no I'm not awake at 6am for this... (I am)
Il y a 1 heurelapistmacirlapistmacir
Also I suggest going to Amazon for him and Dante both. Multiple buyers to choose from easier to find better prices. Got both for around 50 to 60 each/separately.
Il y a 1 heureWorstluckWorstluck
Shimakaze69 (Il y a 11 heures) #20442508Or minor modification, like drilling a hole in the shelf above her just big enough to let her sword poke through haha
Involving tools makes this a super modification for me. Lol...

Or on the other hand I may simply snap the sword to put it in the 32cm shelf of mine if I make my mind to get this...
Il y a 1 heureShimakaze69Shimakaze69
Not so useless now!

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