Il y a 4 heures (Il y a 4 heures)StacycmcStacycmc
Valestein3 (Il y a 4 heures) #29725416Typing this on my phone! *sniff*
The movie is amazing!
Shut my phone is getting shorted. I can't typh orpletju

Hahaa...yeah they are really good. To me the series is even more depressing/sad than the movie, but I like how Chikage got more air time in the movie...they did a better job with his character than the series. I like the end of the movie better too....

It's such a pretty anime (tv and movie), the animation is really good....
Il y a 4 heures (Il y a 4 heures)KeyserKeyser
I just want to know if it's possible for the website to keep in memory my langage preference ?
Everytime I come, I have to change in "french", 10 times a day. (and yes, i'm logged)

Not a big deal but i'm just asking...
Why it can't be associate to my profile ?
Il y a 4 heures (Il y a 4 heures)geroticgerotic
Ikkiyuu (Il y a 5 heures) #29724320Out of curiosity, why did this figure seemingly suddenly get super popular? Does it have to do with the nature of the figure or perhaps he did something in the fate series?

He didn't do anything, just a huge boom in the character popularity. Traps are kind of the meme right now, so if this figure was your thing then the downside of traps being so popular right now is that this figure in turn is also super popular = price jump.
Il y a 4 heuresgundamukgundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
It's really refreshing to see frank fujoshi/fudanshi perspectives, like, "All the doujins and manga that I’ve seen on Toranoana’s webpage is now all sprawled out in front of me where I can physically touch them. There were rows and rows and rows of porn with hot sexy guys making out everywhere I see and ahh, I don’t know where to look!"

I'm not into BL myself but I appreciate your passion and interests, and your blog was a fun read - great combination of descriptive writing and fun pics.
Il y a 4 heures (Il y a 4 heures)Fallen-CloudFallen-Cloud
I own two glass cabinets/display shelves and limit my collection to those (with the exception of my Pokémon Nendoroids that currently still take up space in my bedroom).

Furthermore I give each section a certain theme - I have eight sections in total, four for each glass cabinet and if those run out I'm out of luck. If I want a figure that doesn't fit one of those eight themes I have to get rid of other figures. Currently I still have a lot of free sections, so I can assign themes freely. I also decorate those areas accordingly!


Asian Culture
My Hanairogoromo Vocaloid figures as well as my Touken Ranbu sword boys take up space here. It is decorated with a fake white flower ornament currently to give it a very natural and organic atmosphere. I'm still searching for more white flower ornaments.

Mystical Nature
Still in it's early stages. Figures that have a very calm, elegant feel to it get to stay here. They also need to have either water or plant/rock based bases. As of now Alter's Natsume and GSC's Benten belong here.

Magnificent Elegance
This is where every figure with incredibly intricate clothes that remind one of the rich and beautiful goes. Currently it is taken up just by Aniplex' Ciel, but GSC's Rem will keep him company as his personal maid once she releases. It is decorated with glass diamonds to give it even more of a high class feel.

Ominous and Otherwordly
Figures that showcase strange powers or have an ominous feel to them get to stay here. Kotobukiya's Kaneki as well as Alter's Saber Alter are as of now a part of this section. I also plan to add Kotobukiya's Edward Elric here, but it is currently the lowest section of my first shelf and you need to position him on a high place due to his pose, so he's keeping Natsume company right now. Sadly I haven't found fitting accessories for this section yet.

Planned Themes

Raw Strenght
This will end up being my Shounen section once Megahouse releases their Katekyo Hitman Reborn figure set. I also plan to add My Hero Academia merch if they ever re-release the Nendos. Hopefully I can find some nice effect parts like lightning or fire to give this section an atmosphere of real power.

Winter Wonderland
Will be brought to life once my holidays start and I can begin to work on my Yuri on Ice garage kit. This will mostly be a Yuri on Ice section but should any winter themed figures ever catch my attention they will keep the boys company. Hopefully I can find some nice winter accessories soon~

Happy Critters
I plan to make a Digimon and Pokémon section, but right now I only own Pokémon Nendoroids and one lone Angewomon figure. That isn't enough to give them their own section. I hope I can pick up some of the new Digimon figures! I also pre-ordered the Lillie scale that will come out next year, so I'm excited for that.

Free Space! For now, hah!
Il y a 4 heuresTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Merig! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
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Enjoy your stay! ^^
Il y a 4 heuresValestein3Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Typing this on my phone! *sniff*

The movie is amazing!


Shut my phone is getting shorted. I can't typh orpletju
Il y a 4 heuresnyugvo6nyugvo6
Figma is going downhill. This is a fact.
Constant price hike.
Less accessories with each release.
GSC "preorder bonus."
No more seasonal anime figures.
Ugly box.

Now with all the complaints done, here's what I think:
figma will fade out in time, but not anytime soon. GSC made some awful decisions. Awful to us, and awful to them. While these don't clash, they both add to a big loss of customers.
I consider the price hike nothing but corporate greed. They follow the example of play arts, trying to push prices to the limit by now. Of course there's inflation which is not their fault, and them bringing home the factories from china will increase production cost too. But when you add the massive downsizing on the accessories to the mix it doesn't add up anymore.
Price is a HUGE concern, when you feel you get less for what you paid for in the past. figma started with 2500yen figures and the quality didn't get that much better simply because it was always good. I could justify paying 5000 for a figma, but not 10000yen.

Trying to monopolize on sales with preorder bonuses is a mixed bag. It makes my blood boil at times when it's something crucial to the character, and I'm totally indifferent when it's something stupid.
I consider the "something stupid" things like love live crunchies or winter scarfs a nice gesture. But when it's a weapon, an alternate hair, a faceplate, or something the character constantly uses it's downright evil and unforgiveable. Let's say I bite and order through GSC. What happens next is that I'm FORCED to pay their 4000yen forced EMS, and on top of that pay for my other order I didn't place on GSC. Twice the postal fee already. I don't exclusively order GSC products, what about those? So I don't use their webshop, instead I make the smart decision. But at the same time I feel cheated out of something, and if I can't have the full package, I'd rather not have it at all. There are exceptions of course, when it would've been godsent to have the extra stuff excluded. Gilgamesh's naked torso and fancy box can burn in hell for all I care, I would've been happier with a Gates of Babylon backgdrop, or a sane pricetag.

The ugly box doesn't matter honestly to me. It looks bad but won't influence my purchase either way. I don't display figures in their boxes.

I saved the important part for last. Who's the target audience?
Clearly not the same group of people from 10 years ago. It's rare to see a new seasonal anime figma or anime figma at all these days. Why? Did japan stop caring about anime? Is anime no longer profitable? Are browser/phone games and meme figures that popular?
The thing about phone games is, that they have so many characters that it must be hell to choose which one to release. I think it's just as much of a risk as releasing a seasonal anime character. They will shelfwarm just the same.

Two more things are important to mention. I read in an interview that it's up to the sculptors what they do. If they're not into the next big thing it won't have any figma, and most importantly: nendos are much, much cheaper and easier to produce and sculpt than show accurate sculpts with articulation.

Here's a better question. How do we fix figma? IMO, they should fix the price range around 5000yen, stop cheaping out on accessories and make very throughout decisions when it comes to online shop bonuses.
Il y a 4 heuresSplashSplash
SkiaEsh (Il y a 1 jour) #29681235Rayquaza's base price is a bit more expensive than Mewtwo or Charizard. I wonder if his more detailed markings and design caused the price increase or if X-Plus knows we are hooked enough to buy him at a higher price.
Yeah i wonder that too, it's the last that they've announced doing so maybe they could be testing the waters on that end too, to do more. @_@;
I do like the fancy stand in the stock images with the Rayquaza name labeled on it, that's new for once. xD
I'm still scared for the shipping on this though lol...
Il y a 4 heures (Il y a 4 heures)StacycmcStacycmc
Looks like they really went out of their way to ensure the tentacles look just like the original...

Otherwise not bad, aside from his shorts being blue. His face looks good though..from this angle anyway.
Il y a 4 heures (Il y a 4 heures)TeaKattTeaKatt
Gwenwyfar (Il y a 10 heures) #29714538It was based off the source material, there's an image of the original artwork in some of the photos, and other than that that's just how the character is. I highly doubt they took inspiration off anywhere else really, and the game came much before GoT. Just a coincidence.

I was just thinking out loud because I noticed a few people commented saying that her face looked off from the source art and both Gwen and Daenerys have a lot in common. Also it's pretty common for everyone to take a little inspiration off of each other, nothing wrong about that. I am a little sad that you are approaching me like I am not a fan of this character. We're both just here to appreciate some good sculpts.

Anyways thanks for taking the time to read and reply :)

EDIT: Just because I feel like this observation is kind of getting out of hand, please remember that no one here is the original artist or the sculptor. Its all just conjecture and interpretation!
Il y a 5 heuresAkibaMelonAkibaMelon
I wonder a bit where people get the idea from that figmas are supposed to be cheap >.> Just today it occured to me that designing a figma is quite a task. Translating 2D character designs into a fully flexible action figure that's able to pull off characteristic poses while staying as close as possible to the source material, so that the fans are happy, is challenging - and imho in absolutely no way compares to something like Funko Pops.
Il y a 5 heuresIkkiyuuIkkiyuu
Out of curiosity, why did this figure seemingly suddenly get super popular? Does it have to do with the nature of the figure or perhaps he did something in the fate series?
Il y a 5 heuresgundamukgundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
Just saw your old series with these figures -nice set.
Il y a 5 heuresJo-the-NendoJo-the-Nendo
Flamingwolf (Il y a 4 mois) #24146568This was one of the main things I was looking forward to. It's such a shame. Kyoko's always dead last in these sets. They wouldn't just do 4/5 of a set and leave it, right?

That's how I feel about the Maiko nendoroids, too... I really hope she comes out soon for both sets... Kyoko is such a good character it always hurts when she's left for last.
Il y a 5 heuresfranjandarfranjandar
Metatron (Il y a 5 heures) #29722867when there's demand... there will be supply.
price is justified; Figma line is popular enough that they decided to increase the price each year.
If your logic is "it's too expensive", then Revoltech should be the King right ?

It seems to me that Figmas are getting more expensive because there is less demand for them then there first was, and the price are causing more people (namely people who aren't new to collecting) to stop collecting Figmas.

Look at Nendoroids for example, they are good qaulity figures with loads of accesories (though sometimes they can be lacking) and their price has slowly become higher, however a nendoroid can cost up to 5K yen at most, which seems to me like just normal inflation, however Figma's prices have not been fair for the accesories you are getting, the qaulity and the size, nor are the prices inflating at a normal rate.
Il y a 5 heuresdiamondburst19diamondburst19
Aesus (Il y a 21 heures) #29691154Sure just allow me to pass in clean the drawing.

Thank you man! I plan to use my department's laser cutter for this! I have not displayed her yet because of the leaning issues.
Il y a 5 heuresQueen99Queen99
Thanks for the figure! I'm super happy to have Mitsuki Hayase in my collection! :)
Il y a 5 heuresTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board vegeta01! :)

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Il y a 5 heuresWolfragniumWolfragnium
West meets East.

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