Il y a 1 heure (Il y a 1 heure)lapistmacirlapistmacir
icarus (Il y a 1 an) #6046279Looking to sell both Dante and Vergil (separate or together, does not matter). Both figures have only been opened once, and never displayed. Boxes are in relative good condition (only the corners are noticeable damaged, and minor creases on the top, though Dante has a more noticeable one). Asking $90 USD for Dante, and $75 USD for Vergil. $15 USD for shipping. If both figures are bought together, cost is $150 USD. Shipping would be $15 USD, bringing the total to $165 USD. US buyers preferred, though I'll be willing to consider international buyers, as well. Located in DFW, Texas. If you have any questions, feel free to message me!.
I got them both cheaper than that on Amazon. Around 50 to 60 at the most. Might wanna look at prices there. In order to get them sold.Each I mean one was about 50$ while the other might have been 60$ at the most.
Il y a 1 heuredebinoresudebinoresu
this item looked so 2d i actually had to closely inspect the pictures before realizing that was the actual item and not a three dimensional drawing of what it should look like. infact, im still not quite sure, and i wont be surprised if im corrected otherwise. i think id be more surprised if thats the actual figure cause jesus christ
Il y a 1 heureAimathystAimathyst TOM Affiliate
She' <3 although I wish they stuck to more of a pastel palette for her :(
Il y a 1 heure (Il y a 1 heure)MykaMyka
Page is up on AmiAmi
[ext link ]
50 minutes left.
Il y a 1 heureDbonn12Dbonn12
Looks like I am looking to buy in the United States.

Please PM if selling.
Il y a 1 heureTiamat26Tiamat26
Just sent you a FR. We have a few sites in common

Il y a 1 heureTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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Il y a 1 heurepanda-kunpanda-kun
The only male figure in the great_butt tag, lmfao

Congratulations, Victor
Il y a 1 heureMochixSenpaiMochixSenpai
I think it'd be more effective if you guys sent emails to Koto asking about the figure rather than a petition
Il y a 1 heureokami34okami34
CrowMaiden (Il y a 2 heures) #20457688Just me wishing! They've done a couple other fighting games so I keep hoping SC might be in the future.I hope your wish someday comes true then! :D
Il y a 1 heureDubbedWatchDubbedWatch
crocatoot (Il y a 1 heure) #20458760She sold out now anyway (she was in stock when i commented, must have been one left) but its more toywiz that shipping sucks, its cause they only use UPS which is dumb yup but its ok coz i have both of them now and they are awesome
Il y a 1 heureokami34okami34
You are very welcome! :) I do not let my room, both in my dorm and my house, get too messy, to the point where I can't find anything! I can't live in a room that is too disorganized either! DX

I have a very bad habit of spread my stuff out a lot and then I get too lazy to put things away. Since I am in my dorm, I have reduced that habit significantly (although I still tend to do it every now and then. This is especially true when I have to work on an art piece for my art class. XD)

I'm not much of a neat freak, but I'm no pig either! (At the very least, I try to avoid becoming one! XD I reorganize everything and clean up fairly often.)

I'm somewhat OCD about where I place my valuables so that I can know where find them and where they would be safe. (Ex: my jewelry, favorite books, my figures, etc.)

My desk is always the messiest place I have, both at my house and in my dorm. I try to reorganize and clean my desk out once in a while before things get out of hand. Or in this case, too out of place!

OmegaWerrier (Il y a 2 heures) #20457951Thanks, I really can't live in a disorganized room, it triggers my OCD. The thing that normally is the messiest it's the desk: food, the laptop, water bottle, the mini-fan in the summer, controller, cables, papers, etc... But after a few days, I just cleanse the unwanted stuff out of the desk.
Il y a 1 heurejapanimetionjapanimetion
I have one for sale at my shop. I got this one and the Twinkle Nendo at Sakura Con. Unfortunately, the Nendo has already been sold. Don't miss out on the Figma!
Il y a 1 heure (Il y a 1 heure)QuantaEternaQuantaEterna
For those who are still looking for her, Nippon-Yasan has her on sale~ [ext link ]
13,600 yen with the poster, 11,500 yen without.
Gotta be fast though, although the Golden Week sales started yesterday, stuff are flying off the shelves.
Il y a 1 heure (Il y a 1 heure)KaneelKaneel on Ice
yuu12riku (Il y a 23 heures) #20424243No merchandise for Proto Gil except that one postcard if I remember right but still with FSN Gil tag. Proto Gil still not summonable on FGO yet, but probably on future... maybe better to made separate tag soon?

PeanutButter (Il y a 1 jour) #20423031It'd probably just be easier to keep Zero Hassan on the old tag as pretty much all of the stuff is on that one.
Gil's tag is kinda a mess too. Kid Gil stuff is on that one but I don't think any Catster stuff is on it. Plus does prototype Gil get his own? He has one thing on that one.

Guys please, as much as i appreaciate help on this topic, you're getting off topic to solve this alert.

Are we even using the same terminolgy or is something mixing up here? This encyclopedia #128083 isn't a tag, it's an encyclopedia entry.
Tags for these get autocreated, so it's not about moving entries to tags, it's about having proper encyclopedia entries, which is also the main issue behind that still open fate alert.

So we have three entries mixed up with fate/zero assassin, i listed them before
item #136913(is advertised as Shin Assassin by Koto), item #571293, item #531985 who is this, does an encyclopedia entry exist or has there one to be made. Same Character at all?

And what about this alerted entry?
Il y a 1 heureshimp92shimp92
MarkingX (Il y a 17 heures) #20430369Ah Machu Picchu. That place looks peaceful from the photos. I wanna go to France. Eventually all over Europe. Eat all them pastries and all the beautiful sceneries, especially at night. Besides Japan, just Vietnam 3 times. lol Happy Birthday to your sister! XP More babysitting? Oh The Theory of Everything, was there heartfelt romance? Have you seen The Vow? That's my favorite romance movie I guess. How about those Nicholas Sparks movies? Are you interested in those? Ah KitKat, there were so many flavours when I was in Japan. Oh wow that's surprising. I thought it would release in US before everywhere else.
I know right? The goal is to make it there one day. Haha I think I would like to go there for the pastries too xD 3 times? wow you really liked it or do you have family there?
Thanks! Yeah, they come almost every weekend, I'm starting to feel like a mom on weekends lol.
Haha yes! Have you seen it? I actually haven't seen The Vow, but I did read like 5 Sparks' books in HS. I was really into them xD my favorite was A Walk to Remember. I still remember it was the first time I spent all night up because I couldn't put down the book xP Have you watch that one?
Really? *_* I've only had the regular one and the orange one they have for Halloween.
I used to think that too, I wonder how that works. Oh well, just gotta wait one more week!
Il y a 1 heureTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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