Il y a 4 heuresTheTravelingSeeTheTravelingSee
TheSleepingLion (Il y a 2 jours) #22517612Anyone know where else to preorder? Or, is anyone looking to give up PO?
Try Tokyo Otaku Mode. I've preordered both Kato and Eriri from there.
Il y a 4 heuresbethykinsbethykins
Oathandrage (Il y a 3 jours) #22498716how much would shipping to US be

Probably around £8 without tracking x
Il y a 4 heuresmipukawaiimipukawaii
lofung (Il y a 4 heures) #22632786PO tomorrow.
Oh my stars, finaly!(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Il y a 4 heuresSkeemSkeem
Happy Birthday!
Il y a 4 heuresMemyandiMemyandi |ω・)
Sakarii (Il y a 16 heures) #22615384Awesome loot! /feeling pretty jealous
I can't imagine how much money your wallet has lost due to all the Digimon Tri merchandise alone. xD

Thanks! <3 oooh my God haha I don't even wanna know! THAT is definitely not a thing to be jealous of me for. xD
Il y a 4 heuresChrisiChrisi
no only the lion ver. Oathandrage (Il y a 5 heures) #22631936did you still have the saber zero ?
Il y a 4 heuresloveanimeloveanime
"Citrus": squeezing out some more juice by introducing yet another variant.
Il y a 4 heuresTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board jigglemynugget! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
Il y a 4 heuresLehstLehst
x'D omg... why!??! mfc I just can't...
Il y a 4 heuresifob8ifob8
Maakie (Il y a 6 heures) #22631555You're welcome! Long time no talk btw, how's it going with you? :)


well, I'm fine, I'm fine! I've been living in Western Canada for the 10 past months, organizing games and activities in french for kids in a french school. It was nice. I'm going to miss them, lol.

Now I'm going back in Québec next Friday. Whew! All of an adventure. I'll be doing the same thing for the coming school year, but in the Nunavut this time. I'll depart next september, and be back next may (may 25th).

What about you, how are you? In what field do you work, already? What about your cosplays, how is it going?
Do you still participate in many contests?

Hey, I've just discovered they're airing an anime of Frame Arms Girl! Nice! By the way, does it have any connections at all with Mecha Musume? (curious)

I wish they'd create a figma of Gourai (my fav of the gang), I think I'd buy it. I like the Cupoche one, however I find her glare to be not similar enough to the original character.

Well, here is a lot already lol,

Write me back when you're feeling up to it ;)

Take care, and thx again for the wishes ;)
Il y a 4 heuresLehstLehst
lol so many pics of these and your dog. I love it. xDD
Il y a 4 heuresLehstLehst
lol I was curious to know who else has the Kaito Kid figma. (mine hasn't arrived yet ofc but I like to mark that I paid for him.) Anyways, I like your collection! Detective Conan fans ftw! plus you got other badasses like Vash, Layton, and Lunica! <3
wow you even ordered the Union Creative variants for Akai and Amuro? I was really tempted to get item #564580 but I already have a nice looking prize figure of him.
Il y a 4 heuresMakaizouMakaizou
DmsW (Il y a 10 heures) #22627144The figure look good except the shorts. Must be that reason i didn't PO...

Same here, I was so looking forward to this figure coming out... it's a bummer I won't be getting it.
Il y a 5 heuresLehstLehst
Jumblebelle (Il y a 12 heures) #22623555AshuriiKareshi (Il y a 3 jours) #22504177Cloudy_Cat (Il y a 10 heures) #22626117The wedding dresses sold out last year during the first day of wonfest, so I doubt they're made to order. For anyone who really wants this Yuuri, I'd try to order him ASAP.I kind of wonder about that though, because GSC didn't originally intend to put the original wedding dress set on their website. they announced long before it was only available at the event and partnershops. The theory was that they just threw leftover stock onto the website. They didn't account for how many orders the partnershops would take either and I was stuck waiting half a year later to get my set. And then they re-released them later on too.
Anything else I ordered from GSC's 'Wonderful Hobby Life For You' website didn't sell out right away, (like figma Armin was up for at least a few days.) Of course, if I can, I like to just order right away so I don't have to think about it anymore! xD
Il y a 5 heuresLehstLehst
I'm definitely skipping work to order this. XDD
yes, even after working out the time difference, I'm confident I'll normally be scheduled to work at that time. orz
Il y a 5 heuresSnowZeldaSnowZelda
"Most of my collection is an impulse buy" same here haha
Super jealous of ganondorf! Keep up the awesome collection! :)

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