Il y a 5 heuressuperyfsuperyf
Selling her and Haruna as a set for $65 (excluding shipping). PM me if interested! Also have Akagi and Kaga for sale.
Il y a 5 heuresdanlnieldanlniel
Damn i lol'd
Il y a 5 heures (Il y a 5 heures)FallencyFallency
Zestorm (Il y a 12 heures) #24851106Just got her. Suprise, the tax is 56€ T_T. So overall price for me including shipping is 213€ O_O. That's why I don't like EMS...
Yeah unfortunate, I live in France too, if you buy a figure with EMS method, most of the time you gonna get customers fees... But atleast is fine compared to me, I paid around 24k-25k for her through proxy and gonna wait 2 months to get her (boat method). So final price 200 euros.

Also thank you for posting some high quality picture of her, she is lovely <3, costy figure but worth it :p.
Il y a 5 heuresOgonChouOgonChou
LiLMoon (Il y a 9 heures) #24853421Thanks for sharing. Looks like a lot of the splits are already filled. I might have to be quicker if I'd want to join.

Armin is definately still a few items here + just yesterday I got the rare Wit Studio Button set from this years IG Store Wit Studio event. Which is since few weeks in Japan. There the Armin is still free to grab too + some other characters.
Il y a 5 heuresOsomatsuOsomatsu
Hiyorin (Il y a 6 heures) #24856280Geçmiş doğum günün kutlu olsunTesekkur ettim Hiyorin :))
Il y a 5 heurescleverfillecleverfille
SilentNoize (Il y a 10 heures) #24852749is it just the photo or me or is the paint a little...too bright?

I think a lot of the pictures have heavy exposure or spotlighting, which is skewing the actual colors towards almost pastel. In person at AX, the colors seemed deeper and at least somewhat truer to how EVA-01 should look.
Il y a 5 heuresTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board kerberos! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
Il y a 6 heuresWolfragniumWolfragnium
ChocolateSpider (Il y a 8 heures) #24853853He is mainly confused as to why he is holding it in the first place. He came in just to kill Rin because that is what he does, then he somehow ends up helping show this product. :P

"He came in just to kill Rin"

"kill Rin"

...hold on a second. *goes to grab the bazooka and the assault rifle*
Il y a 6 heuresAlminaAlmina
She's absolutely cute and I'd love to PO her, but could it be possible that the figure might bend after a while? (Because she's standing on only one leg)
Il y a 6 heurestrevman256trevman256
MeepMoop (Il y a 12 heures) #24851104Down again :/. I checked a couple hours after you posted. dang, they must of had just one or two available
Il y a 6 heures_MeiKo__MeiKo_
OMG that's so coooool
Il y a 6 heuresenjoime_CBenjoime_CB
Thanks for all the help guys!
Il y a 6 heuresmurialitamurialita
Well, the weather decided not to co-operate, so the lighting is crap, but Stardust is still good. Have an unboxing.
Il y a 6 heuresWario54Wario54
Nice review! You pretty much summed up my thoughts about the CE (so SHINY). The game is amazing too! As another Sonic fan, I can't wait for you to play it because I can't hype it enough!
Il y a 6 heuresGandalfGandalf
victorviper (Il y a 7 heures) #24854493I was just thinking the same thing. August is rapidly drawing to a close, and there's been no mention of a release date. If Nana gets delayed, then it seems inevitable that September's Mikan will get delayed too. That would make me sad.

It doesn't necessarily mean a Mikan delay as well, Freeing's bunnies should of been Momo then Yami but Momo got a 4-5 month delay and Yami just a month.
Il y a 6 heuresHiyorinHiyorin
Lütfen bu yaz figürlerin bol bol fotoğrafını çeeek!!
Il y a 6 heuresDribzDribz
naikousei (Il y a 13 heures) #24849962Nice collection! ♡
Thank you! Same to you! <3
Il y a 6 heuresHiyorinHiyorin
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