White Rabbit Express
Il y a 1 minutemukyuumukyuu
My only resolutions are paying for item #396841, finding item #8343 for less than 30k and finding the rest of SEGA LL Snow Halation set.
Il y a 2 minutesBloodyxHanaBloodyxHana Miss TsukiBoard 2011
selling her for 15 euro + Shipping
Great condition, PM me if interested :)
Il y a 4 minutesmokky86mokky86
Osomatsu (Il y a 22 minutes) #17555566According to Nippon Yassan it will be released in 2/2/2017

Are you sure? on Nippon she is still released for January 2017
Il y a 7 minutesTheKillerAngelTheKillerAngel
She may be canceled since she no longer appears on Cygame's figure page.
Il y a 10 minutesOsomatsuOsomatsu
More picture please
Il y a 22 minutesronnibun41ronnibun41
Haha, love the censored pixelated bag. They went all out with making sure his private parts are as private as possible,lol.
Il y a 22 minutesOsomatsuOsomatsu
According to Nippon Yassan it will be released in 2/2/2017
Il y a 22 minutesAnimeGirl1350AnimeGirl1350
I like to pre-order her now! when will she go up for pre-order! :)
Il y a 22 minutesAnimeGirl1350AnimeGirl1350
still waiting for Syaoran!!!!!!!!!!!!! when!!! I want him print :D
Il y a 23 minutesHijikataCloudHijikataCloud
Pretty sure this is going to displace Olivia at the Kotobukiya hierarchy of figures:

1. Because Snow Miku hair sells
2. Tony fans will buy this
3. Even Tony haters will dig this
4. Great pose and exposure a.k.a. that great butt
5. That ahoge
6. Excellent color scheme
7. The base is just excellent and the wings are just right for those who do not like normal fairy wings.

Seriously impressive translation by Koto of the illustration.
Il y a 24 minutesOsomatsuOsomatsu
Nippon Yassan sent me a release date,it will be release in 2/2/2017
Il y a 24 minutesShizukageShizukage
Washi washi intensifies
Il y a 24 minutesBloempjeBloempje Hunting my grails

I will refrain from adding GK if there is still missing info, i would not have added it if i was aware of that extension' rule. Though i subscribed on the mfc changes and have not seen that.

Sorry for the trouble. I updated the entry.
Il y a 29 minutesChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Maakie (Il y a 3 heures) #17551755Ja, ik heb pas ook gehad dat ik bijna een 10K daki kocht en me net voor de aanschaf stopte...het is toch wel erg veel en diegene waar ik interesse in had, had ook dat de tekening gedeeltelijk "gekopieerd" was op de andere kant (met een variatie in de art).
Die gesigneerde daki klinkt erg speciaal! Als in, een characterhandtekening? Of een handtekening van een castmember van de boeken of anime?

Vooce actress kugumiya rie en kostte 8000 yen. Ik hrb 1 daki vsn 10.000 yen maar uiteindelijk gekregen als keretcadeau van mfc member :) is mijn favoriet en goedkoper gaat ze niet worden..
Mja dit zijn uitzonderingen, de rest wat ik hrb is allemaal <6k en kwaliteit speelt ook een rol. Die taiga die je stuurde is niet geweldig goede kwaliteit voor die prijs zijn er betere tsiga covers mja 10k zal ik nooit weer uitgeven ben tbh blij dat ik die als gift kreeg want had spijt en wou verkopen omdat toch best duur was.. Toen ik dat zei kreeg ik em omdat hij niet wou dat ik het verkocht.

Mja 10k is vrij normaal voor de meeste covers (helaas)
Il y a 31 minutesashtonleeashtonlee
Is this a super possible one. It looks like that in the pictures. Now I have to choose between this and the figuarts one.
Il y a 37 minutesChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
SaitoHiraga (Il y a 9 heures) #17543794Actually I have the towels and sheets saved in my cart for later. I do plan on buying those books eventually as well, I'm really happy with the ones I got already. They're really nice quality ^^

Yeah though that one white with louise on it is one of the best together with the one you won and one you own has best light novrl art (blue one) rest is just fun to have and can be useful for cosplay

Im thinking about a second set of those towels but not a priority so im not sad if you get em, i also add them to buy it later list. The sheet is really nice :3

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