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RockGodItachi (Il y a 4 ans) #1738699I have an Asa item #6765 which I got from a guy in the UK who sold her to me for £20.00 which was a bargain as he only took her out of the box to look at her. I'm still after the other characters but I've found they can be quite expensive. Also I've played the game now and was surprised at the similarities from it to the show, although I will say that I prefer Kaede in the show as she has more character development.

yeah but this one is definitly better ( I own both )
item #2743

yeah as I said as well kaede is better in the show I didnt like her in the VN but I did like primula for example in the VN and not so much in the show :)

thats a nice catch indeed I paid 40 euros total for mine :)

I found a Sia but wasnt sure about quality shes 2,5k if youre interested