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NemsEngelAceSasu (Il y a 4 ans) #1871744Aw ;_; It looks so adorable >.<
Anyone knows if this one is a bootleg aswell? [ext link ]
Like those straps, cant find it here <.<

This cute Zoro is not bootleg. It does look like one of those chinese fakes but it is not. It is licensed by encyclopedia #7906.
This american company makes a lot of licensed anime stuff like this item #118541 (cheap for the american anime fans) but most of their merchandise is not the best quality, you have to know that!

I would't choose this Seller because he has too many negative feedback and it all says they didn't get the stuff they ordered.
so... I checked Ebay and my favourite american Seller is out of stock for this item :( ... and you did already find this Seller who has the cheapest shipping cost to Europe, but please be careful with this Seller, If you don't get your charm within 30 days then open immediately Ebay.de dispute!