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Eccmy (Il y a 3 ans) #2089032No problem, I should be the one to excuse myself for being even more late to the reply: I just remembered about my suggestions at this club after having seen your answer at my latest blog! :(
I see, don't worry about it. With so many photos involving flowers, I totally understand it. It's not like my own club, as there's very few people interested in telephone cards, ha ha ^^'
If you don't mind about it, yes, I could give you a helping hand. Let's start small though, I'll be fine just being a mod. I'm not sure if I'll be efficient enough, but I'll give my best. :)

Every help is welcome :) as a MOD you can link pictures/items/articles and make a discussion. I will make you a MOD, but you have to join the club first :). So thank you in advance for helping me.

You already did, with links of unlinked figures ^^