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Goodness gracious. I DIED when Yoko Kanno walked on the stage. I was like OMFG! Also, Megumi singing Ninjin loves you ya! gave me diabetes XD and and the verse she sang in English, squeeeeee so FRICKING CUTE.
I got Megumi's autograph on the base of my Nyan Nyan Ranka figure. I ended up getting May'n autograph for a friend :) May'n actually knew some pretty good English! She was fun XD.
Megumi was VERY VERY difficult to get an autograph from. Even a good bit of people who had tickets for autographs didn't get one >_< I was one of the last people to make it on Saturday. I really REALLY hope the ones who didn't get the chance to see her Saturday caught her on Sunday. >_< Another Ranka cosplayer (who was completely adorable) started crying when they told her she couldn't see her T^T