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So, I've been thinking of ways Megahouse could vastly improve their P.O.P line and have a better image with collectors.

Firstly, Megahouse should differentiate between first edition releases and their reprints. I think first editions should have that label on the box and maybe even a cool image on the bottom of each base indicating it is a first issue. Second editions should have reissue 1 on the box, third reissue 2, and so on. This will allow those who put their money down on figures first and the most "hardcore" of fans to at least have something to make up for future re-releases potentially devaluing their figures.

Secondly, Limited Editions must stay LIMITED. They should have a set number of figures made and this indicated on the bottom of each base. For example, someone could have number 357/2500 of X figure. They should not be reprinted and quality control needs to be extremely high. There should be no errors, as this is a 1 time printing and then it's done for good. Now, I'm not complaining about the recent poll they are having as Franky should never have been limited in the first place. Regular Straw Hat figures should not be limited, but something like Mugiwara Nami Limited is fine.

Thirdly, 1.5 models for the newest figures should never ever happen. Quality must be the maintained high on all new figures, to ensure people that they will not have an inferior version of the same figure. 1.5 reprints of older figures is fine, but it should end there.

Lastly, keep figure boxes as compact as possible. There is no need for massive boxes hiking up shipping prices and taking up way too much space. This will encourage more sales of a figure, as shipping prices will not scare away customers and also some customers will no longer be forced to throw away their boxes.

If Megahouse announced something like this, then I think it would receive massive amounts of praise. It would make sure that their figures keep their value or go up, they would sell more figures, and their overall image would be extremely positive.