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YES YES YES YES (and I'm not having an orgasm but I am totally agreeing!)
Fuk man: I was just about to post the exact same thing!
BS isn't it. Rerelease Franky Max already! Megahouse are jus trying to ruin the collectors market, but why? It was really great ( and helpfull :-) being able to justify the expensive buying price of their Ex mod and Gem figs because they really can climb in value. But these re re releases stuff that and also each one was a chance missed to introduce another character to the collection. I completely understand that people want a figure and want it cheap but really life's not like that so if you missed out then you gotta pay (I sure have) or SAY NO or be happy with the characters new pose. Alternatively there are plenty of cheaper variations of any anime character so there's not really a need to stuff up the collections of those who have loyally followed and supported an anime by collecting figures from these lines, just because a newbie wants one cheaper is there?
Just wish there was a way to get Megahouse to stop and rethink this process?!?!
Also aren't Megahouse supposed to destroy moulds once a figure has had it's run?
Polls are largely crap because they don't reflect long-term collectors wishes, they are much more likely to be influenced by newbies. Exactly why we just get the same old main characters. Look at the last poll for Gintama, a total joke!
(Poll Dancing is good tho :-)