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AnAbleAngel (Il y a 4 mois) #23869519'You will meet the registration turnover threshold if your sales to Australian consumers in a 12 month period are A$75,000 or more'
If I'm reading that correctly, does that mean sites (businesses) that don't fulfill that condition wont have their AUS-bound products taxed? I'm unsure how other countries do the tax thing but the way this webpage reads - it seems really all up to the overseas business to register for GST, which seems like a turn-off for overseas companies trying to sell goods to AUS-based customers. The whole thing seems clunky, though that's my 5 cents, given my lack of knowledge of how countries' who successfully(?) tax international goods systems work.

Yeah it still looks like the government doesn't seem to know what they're doing. Probably targeting major businesses like eBay and Amazon, but it'd be impossible to enforce this new law on every international business that meets the threshold. I think other countries impose the tax by charging the recipient once their stuff arrives at the country's customs, and Australia can't do that because it'll just cause them to lose money and so they push the burden upon the businesses we're buying from.