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Well it's me again ^-^

Yesterday, Tony revealed what the C92 T2 art works full set will include:

- a new book, "Tony's art works from origin", to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his debut as an independent illustrator. So 100 pages with full color illustrations and a hard cover. Must of them are already known, such as Odile and Odette's one, but I think it'd be nice to see how his art changed over 20 years
- 5 bookmarks with support (Fate series)
- a set of 4 clear files (Fate series)
- a plastic shitajiki (Fate series)
- a clear fan
- a B2 tapestry "Ji-Rin" summer version
- a shikishi with an illustration of Chun-Mei, his 3rd Chinese-dressed girl
- a sport towel (340mm x 800mm) with an illustration of Jin-Liang, the same as the figure picture #1714153
- Tony Magazine Petit - 20th Anniversary SP

You can find some pics of the set on Twitter: [ext link ]