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andre30496 (Il y a 10 mois) #18078520Is GSC cheaper or amiami cheaper?

Super late reply since I just joined the club but. I think the flat rate of shipping of GSC might make it cheaper, provided that everyone you want will be up for preorder at the same time and you're able to bundle them all into one order. If a figure you want closes pre-order and something else you want isn't up yet, you can't combine multiple orders so you have to pay $18 for the shipping with every order (but I think you can choose a cheaper shipping method if you only order one nendoroid, if I remember correctly).

I think AmiAmi's discount pricing and the fact that you can add things to your order so long as you haven't paid for it yet more than makes up for the exorbitant shipping fees they charge. So I suppose there is an advantage and disadvantage to both, depending on when your figures are up for pre-order. I would say multiple nendos with the same pre-order deadline would be cheaper on GSC, while one nendo/ nendo up for pre-order at different dates and wanting to combine them into one order would be AmiAmi's advantage.