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aeonblue (Il y a 2 ans) #2665048orz I have no idea why I didn't consider the cat being the one with the non-Japanese name first. I'm guessing the cat is a girl then? Thanks for that haha! Ann is a strange reading so I never would have gotten that.
I think it's Anzu, maybe?...but I am really bad with Kanji orz. I kinda cheated and put Ann Takamaki (what I guessed) into google just to see, lo and behold there is already a wiki for them, lol. Her name may be Anzu or Anna...the wiki says it's Anne, so I remain confused. I didn't actually click her wiki but I keep seeing different spellings so I'm unsure which romanization is correct. Orz But, a few pictures of her also came up so I knew I was atleast on the right track, lol. XD With a name like Morgana I would think the cat is a girl. (wiki also says girl from quickly skimming to look for gender and try to see nothing else, lol) It's a really cute cat either way OwO and welcome. :3 I wanted to see a still image of the kitty. Found one. X3