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Shaerileth (Il y a 2 ans) #2665069I think it's Anzu, maybe?...but I am really bad with Kanji orz. I kinda cheated and put Ann Takamaki (what I guessed) into google just to see, lo and behold there is already a wiki for them, lol. Her name may be Anzu or Anna...the wiki says it's Anne, so I remain confused. I didn't actually click her wiki but I keep seeing different spellings so I'm unsure which romanization is correct. Orz But, a few pictures of her also came up so I knew I was atleast on the right track, lol. XD With a name like Morgana I would think the cat is a girl. (wiki also says girl from quickly skimming to look for gender and try to see nothing else, lol) It's a really cute cat either way OwO and welcome. :3 I wanted to see a still image of the kitty. Found one. X3
Haha sorry to make you step into dangerous spoilery territory but thanks for that! Perhaps Anzu is her full name and they just call her Ann/Anne? Oh well we'll know eventually :P Yes! Morgana is cute. I hope she is as lovable as Teddie.

Anyone else think there will be at least 1-2 more main characters? I only think so because of the initial teaser with the five chairs and ball chains. I like Persona and their big casts so it will be just a bit of a shame if they only have a few main characters this time.