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aeonblue (Il y a 2 ans) #2665247Some cat suit figure skating parkour despair upupupupu. Hopefully the antagonist can help fill our rich hot blonde jerky jerk face voids lol.
You thought P4's cast was small? I thought 8 was a lot! I want to say social links are imperative to Persona but I don't even know if P1 and P2 had them but I'm hoping P5 keeps it since it helps in the character development department. Plus I like being a lady killer MC -w-b As in the first time an MC can fight with guns? I think it is! I read somewhere that you can have secondary weapons but I didn't look closely at the menu in the trailer to know for sure.

Just imagine how much the cops will be crying pupupu. There could even be two antagonists, the other one being a crazy girl with split personality and an impossible big tongue~ They could share the Lovers arcana and all.

P3 had even more characters, and none was out of place (I still can´t understand how people hate Ken). The social links give them great background and their skills in battle were different enough, so as long as it keeps that up, the more the merrier! It seems someone enjoyed the King´s game :P I loved how in P3 you could be a girl, and there were even some jealous and hot-blooded dialogue if you just brought guys with yourself to battle ^_^ Yeeeees, guns sounds way more thuggish than a sword, if that makes any sense at all.

And there´s also Dancing All Night to look forward to! It´s adorable how they included Nanako, even if I know Yosuke will be the one rocking that stage most of the time.