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Arya (Il y a 2 ans) #2665418Just imagine how much the cops will be crying pupupu. There could even be two antagonists, the other one being a crazy girl with split personality and an impossible big tongue~ They could share the Lovers arcana and all.
P3 had even more characters, and none was out of place (I still can´t understand how people hate Ken). The social links give them great background and their skills in battle were different enough, so as long as it keeps that up, the more the merrier! It seems someone enjoyed the King´s game :P I loved how in P3 you could be a girl, and there were even some jealous and hot-blooded dialogue if you just brought guys with yourself to battle ^_^ Yeeeees, guns sounds way more thuggish than a sword, if that makes any sense at all.
And there´s also Dancing All Night to look forward to! It´s adorable how they included Nanako, even if I know Yosuke will be the one rocking that stage most of the time.

No no, it's more like the crazy scissors wielding antagonist girl will have the Lovers arcana and the blonde commoner-bullying antagonist guy will have the Hanged Man arcana hahhaa. /bricked. Just kidding, no one's going to brick me for that poor Togami, I'll brick myself for you ;u;

Only 2 more (including Shinjiro) :P People hate Ken? But shota... I mean, they obviously haven't seen P4U2's Ken uhuhu. Yeah it'd be hard to substitute all of those growth features in a way that would be as good as using social links so they're likely to stay. Actually I only pick the number to give Yosuke a piggyback ride because if there's one thing I like more than getting the ladies, it's making Yosuke questionably and wildly uncomfortable ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) I haven't played P3P yet but that jealous banter sounds reason enough for me now. You know what's more thuggish than a gun or sword? BOTH so I hope we get to dual wield! I'm really excited about trying out the parkour in the game too. If they really are burglars, then good choice Atlus. Using anti-heroes like that should be interesting.

I'm hooked on the opening theme [ext link ]. I was too excited when I saw Nanako dancing with big bro ;w; Her dancing is just perfect. Lolol same. Best boy deserves unfair bias. But I mean, who wouldn't want to play him every time just to see this View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://personacentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/P4D-Yosuke.jpg every time?