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aeonblue (Il y a 2 ans) #2665473No no, it's more like the crazy scissors wielding antagonist girl will have the Lovers arcana and the blonde commoner-bullying antagonist guy will have the Hanged Man arcana hahhaa. /bricked. Just kidding, no one's going to brick me for that poor Togami, I'll brick myself for you ;u;
Only 2 more (including Shinjiro) :P People hate Ken? But shota... I mean, they obviously haven't seen P4U2's Ken uhuhu. Yeah it'd be hard to substitute all of those growth features in a way that would be as good as using social links so they're likely to stay. Actually I only pick the number to give Yosuke a piggyback ride because if there's one thing I like more than getting the ladies, it's making Yosuke questionably and wildly uncomfortable ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) I haven't played P3P yet but that jealous banter sounds reason enough for me now. You know what's more thuggish than a gun or sword? BOTH so I hope we get to dual wield! I'm really excited about trying out the parkour in the game too. If they really are burglars, then good choice Atlus. Using anti-heroes like that should be interesting.
I'm hooked on the opening theme [ext link ]. I was too excited when I saw Nanako dancing with big bro ;w; Her dancing is just perfect. Lolol same. Best boy deserves unfair bias. But I mean, who wouldn't want to play him every time just to see this View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://personacentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/P4D-Yosuke.jpg every time?

So now that Wonfes is over we have a new Aegis and Rise! Milking always the same character is the answer~

W-what? But such a anti-peasants person truly deserves the Sun Arcana! Can't you feel all that glittery whenever he talks or moves :P

But those 2 more were enough to include a cute lil kid, so can you really pass it like that? Ken's worth is immeasurable after all ^w^ He sure grew to be very charming, didn´t he? I couldn´t handle my excitement when I first saw his new look! And I still haven´t picked up Arena ;__; I see that even though skirt-chasing is quite fun, you still manage to have your priorities straight pupupupu. At your convenience, ma'am -> [ext link ] I seriously hope I´m not the only one who finds that Stupei being the level-headed one in this extremely funny. I´d also recommend checking out the scenes for when you finish Aki´s link, what a steamy dialogue. Duel-wielding is seriously cool, now that´s for sure! And I´m curious about that whip too. I feel like Atlus is taking some inspiration from Catherine, so it´s a good thing they didn´t rush P5.

A catchy tune indeed! Now if papa would also be able to dance. Oh yes, that wink is a killer. Now I just hope there are some romantic duos that Yosuke and Narukami can share~ They should have included the P3 cast somehow, I wanna see Shinji dance, not fair :/