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aeonblue (Il y a 2 ans) #2665156Haha sorry to make you step into dangerous spoilery territory but thanks for that! Perhaps Anzu is her full name and they just call her Ann/Anne? Oh well we'll know eventually :P Yes! Morgana is cute. I hope she is as lovable as Teddie.
Anyone else think there will be at least 1-2 more main characters? I only think so because of the initial teaser with the five chairs and ball chains. I like Persona and their big casts so it will be just a bit of a shame if they only have a few main characters this time.

Whoo sorry! It was really hard for me to reply yesterday, so I just figured I'd wait for a break in the madness. X3 Haha, welcome! I have a tank mentality, so I'm willing to take blows for the group. XD Maybe? Will be interesting to see what her offical name becomes in English releases, lol. For now I kinda just want to call her apricot, lol. *shot* View spoilerHide spoilerAnyone else see the catsuit? Very catwoman.
Apricot and Morgana? No...is it just me? XD
I know! Much too cute! Living up to Teddie's lovableness though...hmm, I definitely hope so! I hope there is more of a cast too.

Also! I'm waaaay too excited for dance all night...I shouldn't be this excited, but I am!! Persona music is wicked, and I saw Kanji so it was all over from there, haha.