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Sekhmet (Il y a 2 mois) #26903611Is there anywhere to post about shipping questions not specific to a shop? Or rather shipping help? My package got returned to sender in Japan after being labeled "undeliverable" but the thing is it never even got to my state, so I don't know how it could be undeliverable if they never even attempted to deliver it.

This happened to a friend of mine with an order from Hobby Search. She contacted them and they resent the package without any additional shipping charges. I'm unsure how many times they do that since for her it only happened once. I've heard of AmiAmi charging shipping again.

As for personal experience its only happened with sellers within the US and they just took it back and showed them what happened with the tracking (one time a package got all the way to me in TX then three hours later wound up on the sellers porch in CA and we were both confused) and USPS just resent it without any charge.

Since this is overseas I'm assuming you may get asked for shipping again, depending on the shop. I would contact them as soon as you can.