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Kittokatsu (Il y a 1 mois) #27606971I bought a K-on! 5th anniversary Tsumugi item #265076 off Amazon during the summer. Was sealed. Arrived looked legit. But reading a few things here, she didn't have the sticker on the box. The figure looks like its not cheep bootleg quality though.
Chances she's fake?

How much did you pay for her? A lot of figures come without a sticker on the box, so that doesn't automatically mean bootleg. It doesn't look like she has one regardless. (mfc link) If she doesn't look cheap you're probably fine.

AquapearlX (Il y a 1 mois) #27769043Can anyone tell me if this is a legit or bootleg figure?
[ext link ]

Shipping from China and multiple feedbacks saying fake/bootleg so I'd say bootleg.