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Stacycmc (Il y a 7 jours) #29511308Well...just wanted to add that I am a WEAK person...LOL. As you can see from my ordered list...things don't go as planned. My "up next" to order items will be a bit longer, as I apparently need to work on my restraint when I see a good deal (although the Genos figure will be a while it's just a pre-order, so for RIGHT now, I'm only out $30...and would lose that if I cancel too...but the fact that he lights up and that there was still a store that had pre-orders open....well, I fell for it). :(
So....my Mononoke figure and Yato will just have to be on standby for now... lol.

Are you referring to this? item #486552

A while back I gave my pre-order to a friend. I wanted to get it but the price is a bit of a turn-off, plus the size it would occupy is just too much for me. In fact, I am at a stage where I am downsizing my collection to just the essential stuff. Trying to incorporate the concept of minimalism into my collection.

Well Yato is too expensive anyways. Mononoke has to wait I guess :(