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Watabi (Il y a 2 ans) #5094376Aaah someone finally made a club for this I've been waiting for it tbh so thank you. Spoiler pertains to the latest manga update and some of ONE's View spoilerHide spoiler Surprised to see metal knight pop up! :o (well not really since the stream) but still since I don't remember him being in the original(??) well actually none of Metal Bat v. Garou was on the original so it makes sense haha. Not that I don't mind more Garou. Can't wait to see how the battle goes (♡´艸`) . Oh, I heard one of the dvds was going to include Genos' journal. Anybody know if that hold any truth? I need it in my life if that's the case.
No problem! B) I thought it was odd that nobody made an FC yet, especially considering that the anime is as far along as it is. I figured that I may as well, especially seeing as I already added a lot of OPM characters and items to the database to begin with, lmao.

But yeah, (remake + webcomic spoilers) View spoilerHide spoilerI think ONE's using the added chapters in the remake to show what the other Class S heroes were doing and why they didn't infiltrate the Monster Association alongside the others (they were busy, got hurt, etc.). I remember ONE mentioning in a NicoNico interview that the Monster Association/Garou fight would've gone differently had Metal Bat been there. I loves me some Metal Bat and Garou though, so I'm jonesing for the fight between the two. ^^

I did hear that either the second or third DVD/BD is supposed to include Genos' journal, but even when I was updating the DVD/BD content on their entries, I don't remember seeing anything like that. I ought to check back and see since they're coming with a LOT of bonus material. There are a load of store-exclusive bonus items though, depending on which Japanese site you order them from. Bandai Visual Club's even throwing in a booklet of storyboards for one episode on each DVD/BD.