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Watabi (Il y a 2 ans) #5189079I had a feeling it was you :^D ! (manga spoilers->) View spoilerHide spoilerI really can't wait to see what other new things they'll add in for it and the redraws of course.Oh did you see the OVA they removed it already I think? and the translation for the little specials on vol.10? *v*) Ahh he has white hair!!! I was thinking he forgot to color it when he posted pictures of it but no, i'm so happy (•⚗৺⚗•). Like teacher like student I suppose haha. Oh dude, did you notice mumen rider stopping for the red light though. He's so precious. Can't wait for the next episode. the animation for the last one was superb View spoilerHide spoilerGoGoGo madhouse

Y e a h, OPM has taken over my life, it's ridiculous. And there wasn't much in the database, so I've been adding things wherever. I kinda hope we get more added character interactions because a good many were absent in the original arc. View spoilerHide spoilerLike, I wonder what happened to the other heroes in City Z after Tornado trashed it? Is Rider okay? ;_; But yeah, I was expecting Garou to be blond for some reason, but white makes sense, since he's connected to Bang, even in how he dresses. I'm a couple episodes behind in the anime and I heard the Sea King fight was AWESOME and a lot of people cried during Rider's scenes. I'm glad they added more interactions between him and Saitama too, be still my shipping heart!! It seems like Rider's gotten a bit more popular now thanks to that episode, I'm very happy to see that people know why manga fans love him so much.
Watabi (Il y a 2 ans) #5189079[ext link ] <-Hmm maybe that's the booklet they mention? I'm gonna have to order from bandai soon if they have a better exclusive and if i can justify the price to myself haha (plus I've been eyeing the straps). The new collab though, are those in-person exclusives? I don't see a add to cart option @v@"
Ahhh, okay. There's a 12-paged notebook-type booklet that comes with each set as far as I know. I'm not aware of the contents, but it's a possibility. BVC doesn't support international orders, so you may need to use a proxy like GoodyJapan to buy them for you; you basically have to link them to the product pages (which are accessible if you put the items in your cart and click the links in it.

Also, are you talking about the Hybrid Mind MarketxOPM collab? I believe those are exclusive to their Harajuku store. Still, you might be able to find them Yahoo Auctions after release, and get a proxy like to bid on them for you. I know a ton of the Ichiban Kuji items have been on there, and I was able to get ahold of some of the Burarinku straps that I had a feeling I wouldn't acquire from the box split.