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Going by this list I have everything, in exception to these clothing items:
ogre's wig
topknot wig
stagehand hat
Of course, the items listed as 'not for sale' I cannot give away unfortunately. If I have a spare item (like I know I do for pumpkin pie) I wouldn't mind giving away.
[ext link ]
The items exclusive to Japan as DLC were the 7-Eleven and Campus items.
I cannot re-order my 7-Eleven items on my catalog, but I can with the Campus items.
However, I would want payment for the set as each piece is ridiculously expensive to re-order for some unknown reason. I will double-check the price if anyone is interested.

I'm willing to buy one of each campus item except the eraser sofa for 25,000 a piece, and a carp banner. Also if you know anyone selling a spare 7/11 set or newsprint helmet, I want those so bad D: