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Jville808 (Il y a 1 an) #6520000Venting: So I'm a noob. I came across a Sonico figure on eBay while browsing something different altogether, and this figure had me slam on the brakes and check her out. I'm a collector of movie figures, and I was already suspicious this seller was selling Chinese knock-offs of everything, so I started digging around the web, came across this site and found a new home (and a way more expensive hobby than my typical movie characters). I found a couple sellers here with the figure that "stole my heart", and looked into the character some more. Of course I want them all, but there's this other particular Sonico figure I found on here that I've just got to have as well. There's one for sale on this site for a great price, but that user hasn't logged on in a month or more, and obviously hasn't replied to my message so that's not looking good. Luckily this one hasn't been bootlegged like the first one, so I look on eBay and see a bunch of outrageous prices. One however was in the ballpark of the one I found on here for sale, and included a "Make Offer" option, so I made an offer at the price of the one here. It was declined and the seller messaged me that the offer was too low, to make another offer. I responded back asking what can I offer, and my response back was much like the one before it. The seller is in Japan, so clearly there may be a language barrier. Anyways, I then make another offer that's right in between his price and the price previously offered. Again, it's declined and I get the same message from him. I of course ask him again, and of course get a similar answer. I start going up in $5 increments (remember, his price and my first offer weren't that far apart to begin with), and after another decline or 2, I'm unable to make any more offers as eBay apparently limits the number of offers you can make. I was within 4 freaking dollars and still got declined! I wrote him back asking what the point of the "Make Offer" option was if he was just going to refuse them all when I noticed this guy jacked up the price AND added $15.00 shipping! He just responds with "Because the price of the product rises; further; cannot cut it. I'm sorry." WTF?! Even while dealing with somebody? Who does that? That's some shady $#%& right there. Did I just get used to gauge interest so he could set his price to make even more? Oh Sonico, you will be mine one day! lol

All that said, I'd like to point out an awesome eBay seller that actually pulled through for me, japanselection1. He's got 1 more item #198576 available last I checked at a reasonable price if anybody is just as in love with that figure as I am. I'd highly recommend that seller, and his 100% feedback kinda speaks for itself.