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46Il y a 1 jourSuperMilkSuperMilk
Is this the 10th member that's going to be added to Love Live Sunshine?
36Il y a 23 heuresriringoriringo
SageGuy (Il y a 23 heures) #23864722The reason for that is, harem leads don't sell that well.
Most male nendoroids don't sell that well, unless their main target is the fujoshi (female otaku) crowd. But I'd consider getting a Kazuma (Konosuba) nendo if they made one.

Correction: "fujoshi" are female fans of yaoi/BL. A female otaku is just an otaku to my knowledge.
27Il y a 23 heuresSeikiSeiki
It is really stupid, but is meant to be done as the ladies of the harem are the waifus. So they make the waifus to collect to make it so you are the male in the harem with them fawning over you in a sense. It goes back to the idea that the only people buying figures are pervy men and the (horribly inaccurate) belief that there's no market for male figures.
21Il y a 1 jourAdrienAgresteAdrienAgreste
more cute boys
19Il y a 17 heuresMisuMisu
I'm really sorry for my bad english but
It's only me that shocks for her eyebrows? Rapunzel has brown eyebrows, not yellow.
18Il y a 1 jourSeikiSeiki
Welp, just learned there's now a "Deleted" icon in addition to the usual O/B/W/L ones. Super not ok with this.
15Il y a 1 jourtacholatachola
honestly it looks more cluttered ^^" i appreciate the hard work and effort but i really preferred the clean, simple layout from before!
13Il y a 18 heuresHoneyHoney apple pie princess
Harem leads are almost universally designed to be utterly bland self inserts; completely forgettable and pretty much absolutely nothing interesting about the design or the character. It stands to reason that they aren't made into figures very often - not only would they be uninteresting to design and sculpt, they wouldn't sell very well with their main audience.
11Il y a 15 heuresRikaRika
they all look the same.
11Il y a 1 jour (Il y a 1 jour)AuriAuri
I'm sorry if I sound rude or mean, but reading the comments of people who don't have problems with importing stuff, really makes me laugh. In the EU, I believe, most of the time we won't receive a damaged package. I don't believe I ever heard of a package as destroyed as what I've seen from american people. So yeah, if I can I too undervalue to 2000 JPY as I have to pay custom if it is more than that. I don't really care about the actual value because even if our postal service is expensive for their services, when it comes to delivering packages they're pretty good, never received an opened or even broken package. Just weird scuffs sometime, nothing which would ruin the item inside though.

So please, before talking about getting back the money on a destroyed package, think about how the postal service works in your country, too. That's all. :)
11Il y a 1 jourHoppouHoppou
The update not only ruined the aesthetics like everyone else is talking about, but it actually ruined some of the edit features that are now broken for me as well... The sooner it goes back the better.
9Il y a 1 jour (Il y a 1 jour)JosineJosine
I'm from the EU and always undervalue my packages to 2000 yen no matter what I actually paid for it, because what's the point of undervalueing if the declared value is higher than 22 euros and I have to pay customs anyway?

CuriousCoward (Il y a 1 jour) #238365021k in $?? Wow..that's a really huge one! Currently, I am planning to use SAL small packet.

pretty sure they meant 1k in yen
8Il y a 22 heures (Il y a 22 heures)PigultrastarPigultrastar
This has been something that I've been wanting to say for a long time but I've finally got the motivation to say it since Goodsmile hasn't seemed to be fixing it. All the Disney figures seem lazy as hell.

1. The faces are always flat and boring with little to no shading.

2. Their bodies seem fat, and not in the chibi way.

3. The hands are not small and cute. They look large, fat, and stuck together like oven mitts.

4. There is a lack of faceplates and extra parts(They seem to have done much better with Rapunzel so I'll give them that, but I'm still salty over Bell). Parts that were in important scenes in the movie, such as Rapunzel's short, brown hair, are nowhere to be seen.

And lastly, wouldn't it make more sense to have a Flynn nendoroid with her crown/tiara? ((mfc link)) I feel like they are going to skip over him like they did with the beast. This isn't a complaint about the figure, but I truly wonder if they plan on completely skipping over the princesses' counterparts. Where's the Flynn and Maximus nendoroid. They already made a Frozen line but I still see no Kristoff and Sven. And no, we don't just want a Beast picture, we want a nendoroid of him! I honestly hope Goodsmile is just feeling out this Disney line to see if people really want it and they improve over time by not only making more characters, but also by putting more detail in the design of the nendoroid.

Edit: I also had to add in, why is her default hair the hair that was only in a few scenes of the movie? Where is her regular hair?
8Il y a 1 jourFigyourEdFigyourEd
I wish artist Poju Monty would get some figure love. His boys, girls and furries are cute and sexy.

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8Il y a 1 jourAiraAira
none, USA
lolz poor rest of the world....
8Il y a 1 jourXRaptor7XRaptor7
I know a guy who had a parcel bigger than a meter cubed and he listed the price as 1k including shipping and it got past the demons that are called Parcelforce so sky's the limit.
8Il y a 1 jourKarumiKarumi Bishie Enthusiast
Hate the new homepage. It'd be nice if they'd just change it back or give us the option to.

The only improvement is the square profile icon. Keep it square everywhere and let us choose how to crop its thumbnail; I'd call that an improvement.
8Il y a 23 heuresSeikiSeiki
I'd really prefer Yaoi figures. Not too much of a market for that, but I can always dream.

Would like to see some Mentaiko, especially Priapus
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Or possibly some Tsukumo Gou that isn't a Garage Kit.
7Il y a 9 heuresyukiusakoyukiusako
Rapunzel is my favorite of the Disney princesses, and I've always been a fan of Nendoroids (I have over 100 of them!) Since I'm not a huge fan of Disney princesses in general, this was the one I was looking forward to most. I'm super disappointed, and sad that GSC hasn't appeared to take fan feedback in to account (or at least not addressed it).

1) THE HANDS! Okay, I can get over this, but??? Nendoroid hands aren't typically super detailed, but they usually at least put some sculpting between the pointer and last 3 fingers. This is complete oven mitt status.

2) Lack of freckles and wrong colored eyebrows. At least get facial details correct =/ But hey they got her eye color right so that's all that matters, right? =/

3) Lack of details on her dress. They had similar small flowery details on Anna's dress, so why is it missing here? I know Frozen was a much larger sensation across the word, but come on :(

4a) The flowers (and frankly, many parts of the figure) look like solid, unpainted, colored plastic.

4b) Pascal...why is he solid dark green? They couldn't have added some light green highlighting to his face like his actual appearance? :(

5) I like this hair, but I do wish they had also given a large longer hair piece that goes around her on the floor (could have used no stand). This isn't a deal breaker but it maybe would have helped me overlook some of the flaws. But, I would have bought it without this if they hadn't cheaped out on the details.

IF I buy this, it's going to be when I can get it for maybe $20. Unless they made some changes for the actual production.

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