94Il y a 1 jourAmorphousAmorphous
sugar daddy
69Il y a 1 jour (Il y a 1 jour)dymitrdymitr
The New update is counterintuitive and unergonomic.
We're all struggling and reminiscing about the good ol' days.
41Il y a 20 heuressarioussarious Chino is Life
Bothers me that no one likes the new version, yet they refuse to change it back and keep modifying more stuff to fit the new interface/look.
40Il y a 1 jourLovelyIdiotLovelyIdiot
Well you're like 15 years old according to your previous blog so of course you're not gonna have money to buy figures regularly. It's only natural.

I wouldn't worry about it so much honestly, you'll have many opportunities to buy figures when you're older with a proper job.
19Il y a 19 heuresbambipiebambipie
join the club
were all confused and struggling with the new site
19Il y a 1 jourDonkeyBlonkeyDonkeyBlonkey
All the How to use Guides compiled into one link: [ext link ]
13Il y a 1 jourSeikiSeiki
Na, they broke how everything works then gave us no real announcement past "this is happening" awhile back leaving us to figure it out ourselves.

Searching is just a hot ass mess.

As for adding stuff to lists...
On the list itself: There should be "Link/Unlink" at the top right of the little box that shows the items listed. Right above that green outline of a funnel thing.
On the item page, on the right side you should find a section labeled "My Lists". Click "Link/Unlink".
12Il y a 10 heuresKirito_Kun2Kirito_Kun2
I hate the new MFC and I want the old one back.
12Il y a 1 jourmukyuumukyuu
Most of us receive weekly or monthly donations by going to these places 5 to 6 times a week for a few hours per day and working there.
11Il y a 9 heuresmirberrymirberry 絶対可憐
unless they're paying rent to make home on your expensive plastic they need to be evicted.
10Il y a 9 heurescremareocremareo
HUGE majority of the members dislike the new version, but they keep adding more stuff and making it more and more trashy

I'm pretty peeved that they refuse to listen to the people actually using the site but continue to convince themselves v4 was better than v3 flknblgklj
9Il y a 16 heuresActAct
DonkeyBlonkey (Il y a 1 jour) #26047089All the How to use Guides compiled into one link: [ext link ]

When your website needs multiple how-to guides in order to use, you've utterly failed at site design.
9Il y a 1 jourgraydientgraydient
The paint job falls out of her dress and goes onto her skin in certain places, and looks a bit shoddy at some small places...maybe I'm nitpicking but it does bother me, especially at this price. Don't know if we'll get another Rin/Ishtar tho, there are barely any compared to sabers
9Il y a 1 jourarybaisserarybaisser
A couple things to ask yourself--

Are you happy spending all your savings on figures? Are there things you've missed out on (movies, outings, etc.) because of that? If so, I'd step back a bit.

I started collecting at 17, and to be honest, at the time it wasn't for the best reasons-- I was at university away from home and wanted something to look forward to. I was also impressionable (and competitive) enough to look at the collections of people much older than me with much more disposable income and find that enviable-- without actually wanting the figures/collectibles themselves, just the sheer bulk of items. I find that even on MFC, that can be an easy pit to stumble into, and it's one I'd definitely caution you about.
8Il y a 10 heuresemosuccubusemosuccubus
as soon as a figured out how this site worked perfectly, they change it and its already so much more worse...searching the database was confusing enough and now i cannot figure out for the life of me how to do advanced search instead of quick search...thanks mfc
8Il y a 10 heuresEnvattaEnvatta
I've now resulted in searching the figure and "MFC" on Google to actually find anything on this crappy new site. I really don't get why they're insisting on using it. Okay, fine, give it a facelift, but don't break it.
8Il y a 14 heuresTomTheCatTomTheCat
Yeah, when I want to search for something, I need to figure out the f***ing search tool while I go. Why can't I just enter the character's name, the manufacturer, or the origin anymore?

I'm supposed to work with underscores? How stupid is that?

This is such a mess, it's unbelievable.

The way I search now (I'm sure there must be a better way, but I haven't found it yet. And tbh I can't be bothered looking for it...) is by tags. Each time you chose a tag, click the search button, then choose the next tag, click search and so on... It's virtually unusable.
8Il y a 1 jourPwinsuPwinsu
the nendoroid box says its for 15+ so ur safe
8Il y a 1 jourZoroZoldyckZoroZoldyck
Oh gawd.
Why does Aniplex make amazing figures but they're all such a bitch to get?
This is getting frustrating to a new level

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