68Il y a 1 jour (Il y a 1 jour)tacholatachola loves you!!
what id like to know is why these ppl implementing spambots think they can get anything out of a site full of people either a) only visiting to update their own collection for documentation purposes or b) broke b/c of anime tiddy figures
21Il y a 6 heuresugendougendo ( ´-ω・)︻┻┳══━一
Screw skating outfits I'm here for domestic gays on the beach
20Il y a 3 heures (Il y a 3 heures)franjandarfranjandar
I find it okay dude, it's annoying sure, however if the figures product end up being shit because they didn't delay then I will strangle them.

As long as the end product is good I am okay with all the delays.
17Il y a 8 heuresKalasRavenKalasRaven
Unfortunately this is how it's going to stay, even with all the negative feedback... because the community's voice doesn't matter and we have to use this hideous layout. >_<
15Il y a 1 jourvictorvipervictorviper
At least none of the spam blogs made "reader's selection".
15Il y a 3 heures (Il y a 2 heures)CantisamaCantisama
I think an apology is sufficient. We know when we place our pre-orders that the release date is an estimate that may change at any time.

If you're worried about budgeting correctly, then save up the money for the initial estimated release date, and then store it away until the figure actually gets released.

As for not getting the figure when you wanted it, like if it is going to be a gift, then you can let the recipient know how figure releases work, and that they are still going to get it when available.

Companies know that delays annoy customers. They want their customers to be happy so that they continue purchasing from them. There are a lot of factors that affect when a figure will be released, some of which are hard to estimate or outside of their control. Companies will do their best to provide an accurate release date and keep customers updated when those dates are affected.

I was really looking forward to Rem item #464666 in December (delayed to February). I'm happy as long as I eventually get her and the quality is good.
10Il y a 1 jour (Il y a 1 jour)BloodFlowerBloodFlower
Mekuneko (Il y a 1 jour) #28691664I could be wrong... but I have been following the new blogs about one year, I think the problem has always been there. They are just deleted pretty quickly.
There has been an increase in the spam posts lately, but it could be just because the site is getting more popular (more Google results).

This, we've always had bots on this site posting in the blogs. But usually is one account posting a couple of blogs and then gets deleted. This usually happens at least once per month. But this kind of bot attack is completely new for the site. It's not that surprising that people think this is a new thing even though it have happen for a long time in smaller scale. These new bots even posted pictures and I heard that one of them even added an item as wished. Which kinda makes me think this was planned somehow. *que the conspiracy music*
9Il y a 8 heures (Il y a 8 heures)victorvipervictorviper
At this point, my concerns about the version 4.0 redesign are secondary. I just want to see a solution to the spam blog problem.
9Il y a 14 heuresAnimeGurumaAnimeGuruma
It's too bad that they aren't in their skating attire since I think OR has the capabilities to make really nice YOI skating scale figures, but this is cute! Kind of a silly pose but still shows their love <3
9Il y a 1 jourhugtowerhugtower
I can't help but wonder if it has anything to do with v4 because it only started after it took effect. Is there something missing between versions? (I have no idea how anything works it just seems too big a coincidence)
9Il y a 1 jourOse_93Ose_93
Lying down happily with a bottle of booze by his side is definitely how I'm going to display him.
9Il y a 6 heures (Il y a 6 heures)green_pondgreen_pond
I'm surprised so many people are disappointed with this announcement. The art is adorable and they'll be a matching set. This is probably my favorite figure announcement ever.
9Il y a 1 jour (Il y a 1 jour)CarouselCarousel
Honestly I've seen better fan made Sailor Moon DDs. Not big on the face or the wig. Big disappointment for me since this was such a long wished character from the girl side of the DD community.

Outfit is looking on point though aside from the gloves.
8Il y a 14 heures (Il y a 14 heures)Majikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin



All hail Orange Rouge.
8Il y a 22 heures (Il y a 22 heures)LinaLina
Heavenly_Otaku (Il y a 22 heures) #28706597I am sorry. It was my mistake. Please forgive if I have offended you.
Why yes. You did offend me. Calling my collection and/or me and celebrating a character's birthday sad is offensive and rude. And even going so far as to being vague about your comment and hoping to not be attacked for a distasteful comment? Maybe you should consider thinking before you talk. Who knows. Maybe you might have a collection that may be considered, I dunno, questionable or sad as well? How would you feel if I said something like that to you when you're just trying to share something that makes you happy. I'm dropping this right now, but do choose your words more wisely in the future.
8Il y a 1 jourmintbunnymintbunny The Geeky Bunny
Anyone need a liver? I’m selling one for the exact price of this doll.
8Il y a 1 jour (Il y a 1 jour)victorvipervictorviper
I've also noticed a correlation between the 4.0 upgrade and an increase in spambotting although it could be coincidental. Maybe some good will come of this, and Kuma and the developers will make some improvements to the basic security of the site.

As a result of this attack of the bots, I started reading about ways to secure web forms and now I know a few things I didn't know before.

I didn't know that "honeypots" are a potential way to defeat these spambots. In the blog form, you create several hidden fields in remote areas of the screen that a human would never attempt to fill in, but a bot would. Then the form is only validated if those hidden fields are left blank.

I also learned that spambots have a real hard time answering simple questions. For instance if you choose from a number of randomly generated questions, like "what color is the red plugsuit that Asuka wears", which must be correctly answered to submit the blog form, humans can deal with this quite easily, but bots struggle.
8Il y a 1 jourSeikiSeiki
IntoOpenWaters (Il y a 1 jour) #28688180There is a great possibility that the people making layout changes and the people working on spam issues are completely different people. You really don't want graphic designers trying to implement security features; it normally doesn't work.
I am a MyAnimeList frequenter, and ever time there is a site update the same types of complaints come up: "Why did you do this when you could have done this?" Often those things are completely different and would naturally have employees with very different jobs working on them.
It's fine to be upset about issues that come up, but do keep this sort of thing in mind.

From my understanding, Kuma is the one doing all of it.

I don't recall this being much of an issue until somewhat recently, so I'm wondering if switching to v4 is hurting our security somehow.
8Il y a 1 jourKittokatsuKittokatsu

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