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Black Brothers

Black Brothers
Black Brothers
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One Piece Film: Strong World - Black Brothers - World Collectable Figure MV040 - One Piece World Collectable Figure ~Strong World~ ver.5 (Banpresto)

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The Black Brothers are three brother scorpion-like creatures, each brother with a different appearance from each other. Big Sasori (巨大サソリ, Kyodai Sasori?, literally meaning "Big Scorpion") is the eldest son of the three brothers, and is dark in appearance; working in conjunction with his brothers he soundly brings down his prey is dark red in appearance. The second son is characterized by his sharp form, pincers, and stringer, and is dark purple; using his sharp pincers he tears his opponents to pieces. The third son has on his single tail two stingers, with a green appearance; he overpowers by using his thick and heavy build.

Big Sasori's name comes from the Japanese word, "Sasori" (蠍(さそり), Sasori?) which means "scorpion".

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