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Woop Slap

Woop Slap
Woop Slap
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Woop Slap is the mayor from Monkey D. Luffy's hometown, Foosha Village.

Woop Slap has a cleft chin, wears oval glasses, and has a mustache and a beard. During his younger days, his facial hair is medium-amounted and black, but currently they have grown long enough to become a thick mustache and a goatee, as well as turning grayish-white. He wears simple clothes and a hat that changes with his appearance, but they are similar to each other. He currently wields a walking cane from old age.

His criticism of the most infamous member of the village seems to come more from the fact Woop Slap is an authority figure himself, thus he finds Luffy and by extension, his father, waging war on the World Government as absurd. Regardless of thinking that Luffy's choice in piracy would bring shame to the village and criticizes it from time to time, he does care for those from his village, as he questioned about Luffy's well-being. He seems to be a nice and well-liked person within his own village, as he managed to maintain his position as mayor for at least ten years.

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