Shidonia no Kishi - Type 18 Guardian - Figma #26...Shidonia no Kishi - Type 18 Guardian - Figma #261 (Max Factory)

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© Max Factory / Asai (APSY) Masaki / Hata / Yagyuu Keita

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If anyone is interested they're on sale on Amazon. 35 dollars, prime,

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0Il y a 1 anMoroMoro
I'm so salty about the prices of these damn Sidonia figmas. I was going to get one of each but not now.
0Il y a 1 anSionaSiona
BOiNG (Il y a 1 an) #3103169Why can't they make the EX-029 as the regular "#261" release? This is kinda redundant. Not even going to start about the bigger (& cheaper) plastic kits..... Desperate GSC/MF is desperately squeezing from all sides. MEDIOCRE!

There's no version of that Guardian as model kit for now, so it will be hard to have something else.
Also I prefer a complete and final version for a know character (Izana here) than a blank version that won't have the extra marking color decals (white pattern on the body/backpack), they show a sheet for the blank version and you will have to paint these parts yourself if you want a complete and custom Guardian.

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