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Tales of Berseria - Velvet Crowe - 1/8 (Kotobuki...Tales of Berseria - Velvet Crowe - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)



Orders via Kotobukiya come with an extra arm part picture #1627293



© Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. / Kotobukiya / Asada Saki / Fujishima Kousuke / Inomata Mutsumi / Ogasa...

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52Il y a 1 anEnvattaEnvatta
SuzukiLina (Il y a 1 an) #13323455Looks cool but that boob showing... =X I might consider getting it after seeing the colour version (And put it high up in my display case if I do buy it)
Embrace the boob. Love the boob. It loves you.
29Il y a 9 moisacrwbyacrwby
I think she looks great!

But man the Koto hate is strong...Alter isn't perfect either. I mean I received Love Live's Nozomi with a snapped ribbon + some other scales with glue marks, imperfect paint etc. Not to mention the lack of international customer support! Careful not to put Alter on a pedestal and miss out on some great figures by other companies. Sure Koto has their own set of issues, but every company has them. Koto has wonderful customer service + my recent Koto pick-ups turned out amazing! Velvet's sculpt + paint looks great! But that's just my 2c.

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0Il y a 8 heuresSolarisJapanSolarisJapan
In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥31,960)

Brand New for ¥31,960
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0Il y a 12 heuresPLAMOYAPLAMOYA
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0Il y a 2 joursNinomaNinoma
In stock @ Ninoma

Product page : [ext link ]
Official new item , shipped worldwide from Japan
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0Il y a 9 jourskabii-samakabii-sama
I originally ordered this figure from Amazon months ago because the price seemed lower than other stores (somewhere around $105 iirc)... but just a week ago I got an email basically stating the order would be delayed indefinitely due to lack of stock... and then just last night I got an email confirming that they completely cancelled my order.

Now the figure costs nearly twice as much or more at Amazon and anywhere else I see it's available. Is there any place I can find this figure at a price closer to what I had originally paid for it (<$150?), or do I just have to watch this page and hope for another cheap restock or ad?
0Il y a 24 joursAuriumAurium
selling mine regular version with free shipping in US. PM if interested.
0Il y a 1 moisanimeblvdanimeblvd
In stock @ Anime Blvd
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0Il y a 1 moisKlonKlon Solo Rei basta!
michitariru (Il y a 1 mois) #21734956This is going to seem like a strange question to those that already have this figure, but is the standard release version able to use the daemon arm?

0Il y a 1 moismichitarirumichitariru
This is going to seem like a strange question to those that already have this figure, but is the standard release version able to use the daemon arm? (like say is the left arm removeable and able to put the daemon arm in in its place) Only reason I'm asking is since the exclusive version seems next to impossible to find anywhere, and I've seen the arm by itself go up for sale before, so that lead me to wonder if the standard version could maybe hold the daemon arm.
0Il y a 1 moisGooch_suplexGooch_suplex
ArakuneSoup (Il y a 1 mois) #21564005selling mine [ext link ]

Damn. I bought her for $186 at a anime con.
0Il y a 1 moislluviakatelluviakate
I wish they would just release an order for the exclusive hand

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