Yuri!!! on Ice - Makkachin - Victor Nikiforov - ...Yuri!!! on Ice - Makkachin - Victor Nikiforov - Nendoroid #741 (Orange Rouge)



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153Il y a 5 moisKuroUchihaKuroUchiha (ノ ´ ♡ ` )ノ
so blessed. so moved. so grateful. cant believe this is my life. never going to take it for granted. always going to give back. thank you
135Il y a 5 moisDbonn12Dbonn12
Hell yeah~

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0Il y a 3 heuresPLAMOYAPLAMOYA
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0Il y a 1 jourTiggerSharkTiggerShark
michitariru (Il y a 1 jour) #20461170If anyone plans on giving up their PO for this and/or Yuuri's nendo please don't hesitate to PM me, I'm extremely interested in both! ^^

Now you got the "never gonna give you up" song stuck in my head again 〣( ºΔº )〣
0Il y a 1 jourSolarisJapanSolarisJapan
Available for pre-order @ Solaris Japan

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0Il y a 1 jourmichitarirumichitariru
If anyone plans on giving up their PO for this and/or Yuuri's nendo please don't hesitate to PM me, I'm extremely interested in both! ^^
0Il y a 3 joursNinomaNinoma
Available for pre-order @ Ninoma (¥4,694)
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0Il y a 5 joursotakurepublicotakurepublic
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0Il y a 5 joursKyokiPonKyokiPon
Selling him as soon as he reaches me without his heart mouth
faceplate (only reason why i bought himtbhlol)
So if anybody's interested let me know~ ♥ not splitting him
just wanna sell the rest of the nendoroid without that
specific face plate ; v ;
3Il y a 9 joursalgonquiniaalgonquinia
I was finally able to place a preorder
3Il y a 11 joursKuroUchihaKuroUchiha (ノ ´ ♡ ` )ノ
Cloudy_Cat (Il y a 25 jours) #19528819I really don't think we should be stating that there will be co-de's. It works for touken ranbu because of their limited outfits and poses in the game.
What we should ask for is full nendoroids, that way it's at least plausible we could get a long haired piece with casual/workout/etc clothes plus the rings. The price difference between full nendoroids and co-de's (which are completely static and come with zero accessories) is not that large: 3000 yen vs 3500/3800 yen.
If we wanted every single outfit from the show for Yuuri and Victor, in that case I could see co-de's as an alternate approach to save time and money for gsc.

I think making a co-de of Victor with the green robe is a wise thing to do because damnnn people love it. Including myself.
0Il y a 15 joursmhtoyshopmhtoyshop
Available for Pre Order @ MHToyShop.com ($38.99)
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