Love Live! Sunshine!! - Sakurauchi Riko - SPM Fi...Love Live! Sunshine!! - Sakurauchi Riko - SPM Figure - Aozora Jumping Heart (SEGA)






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0Il y a 1 jourStardustAceroStardustAcero
What's up with Rikos face :(
0Il y a 2 joursSascchiSascchi
That face... what did they do to you Riko :cc
1Il y a 2 jourssarahbearsarahbear
I don't know how I feel about this...
2Il y a 2 moismintbunnymintbunny The Geeky Bunny
I love love this image. Her face is awesome, I hope the figure captures it!
0Il y a 2 moisHarukaHaruno1991HarukaHaruno1991
oh yeaaaah a prize and my favorites costume...*___*Sega best!!!!!!!! SO happy...!!!


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