C3 - Fear Cubrick - 1/8 (Ascii Media Works, Koto...C3 - Fear Cubrick - 1/8 (Ascii Media Works, Kotobukiya)


C3 - Fear Cubrick - 1/8 (Ascii Media Works, Kotobukiya)



Pre-order period: November 26th, 2011 through January 31st, 2012.

Comes with alternative expression and accessories (rubix cube, crackers).



© Ascii Media Works / Kotobukiya / Hashimoto Ryou

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0Il y a 20 joursTiamat26Tiamat26
Wow 37800 Yen .. Well here isa deal for who ever can snatch her up. I Like C3 but not enough to want this figurine anymore. I have only seen her 2 times in the year an a half of collecting.

A / B condition Ami AMi 12980 Yen

(ext link)

If I still had wanted her this would have been gone by now and I am sure that someone out there is looking for her.

= )

0Il y a 6 moisAmurAmur
Stalking (Il y a 7 mois) #1942702ONLY 37800?!?!!? GO! GO! GO!!!
(ext link)

lowered. twice. still LOL.
0Il y a 7 moisBlackUsagi2013BlackUsagi2013
PM if selling. Prefer US seller.
1Il y a 7 mois (Il y a 7 mois)StalkingStalking Loli hunter
ONLY 37800?!?!!? GO! GO! GO!!!

(ext link)
1Il y a 8 moisbrainwashbrainwash
Just got her today. Really pricey but worth every penny! She's perfect <3
0Il y a 9 moisAzyxAzyx
9.450¥ + 5% Grade A (ext link)
0Il y a 10 moisChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
omg.. I so much want her >.< if only her price wasnt so high and ive been so stupid not to pre order her =.=
0Il y a 10 moisAmbAmb ....?!
AmiAmi Pre-owned: B/B condition, 9580yen (ext link)
0Il y a 11 moisStalkingStalking Loli hunter
She's worth what she goes for. I've had her for a while, and she's still one of my favorites ´v`
0Il y a 1 anArcheotechArcheotech
Selling mine for €84 =) Pretty sure that's cheaper than what I paid before shipping ;)
sale #30517

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