4catdoorman4catdoorman Yea, another hobby for wallet and wife to cry about.

À Propos

Semi-retired fella, happily married first time since 2006, with 2 Siamese cats and 1 dog plus loving wife. Resistance to anime figurine collecting capitulated 04/2012 and have been broke and poor ever since.

Reside in a flyover state somewhere in Midwest region USA.

Hi, everyone. Hope to meet many of you over time on the boards.

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0Il y a 1 moisiYuzukiiYuzuki
4catdoorman (Il y a 1 mois) #18961389Happy B'Day, Tony.

Thanks thank
0Il y a 3 moisDelicateThunderDelicateThunder
A very happy birthday to you although after a certain number of years we just want to be eternally 25. I understand, I just hit that birthday myself. XD
0Il y a 3 moishyperassasin95hyperassasin95
Happy birthday :D
0Il y a 3 moisCitrixNovaCitrixNova
Happy Birthday! Hope you have an awesome day c:
0Il y a 4 moisDelicateThunderDelicateThunder
4catdoorman (Il y a 4 mois) #16985839Happy B'Day, Delicate Thunder. You're now Jack Benny's permanent age.

...and I spent my birthday evening sitting in on a friend's program with my husband in a radio station studio. He was playing his annual Christmas show and his specialty is jazz from the swing era. Get serenaded by Armstrong, Sinatra and Bing. We were out until after midnight so old age hasn't set in yet. Next year we'll be asleep on my birthday night by 9. XD

Thanks for the well wishes!

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