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2Il y a 8 moisGCNessGCNess
Hey Actar, you're the one who made me start collecting figures :D
1Il y a 9 moisNanohaForeverNanohaForever
Great to see you here friend
3Il y a 1 anSnookasaurusSnookasaurus
I should have known you were on here. Loved your recent digimon week reviews! Long time fan.
1Il y a 2 ansshadowlordshadowlord
the great actar is here too? awesomes,love your youtube channel
1Il y a 2 ansSegaManSegaMan
Big fan of your YouTube channel and reviews! Your reviews convinced me to buy the Miku nendoroid, BRS Figma, and the Madoka Magica Soul Gem gashapons.

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