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♥ ♥ I love magical Girls! ♥ ♥
I am a moonie and a fuyoshi, yes!

So I want to collect cute and strong figures of girls and all their Weapons and Henshin-Items! I just recently got into the passion of collecting figures; before that I were just very curious, following news about up-comming Sailor Moon figures as if that would be stuff that everybody else could buy except me, even I really loved it. Thats said I have always been a collector; of beautiful and old books, of artbooks and I recently started collecting BL-Doujinshi; I also own a decent collection of CDs, mostly OSTs. Throughout the years I've got some figures as birthdaypresents from my dearest friend Tekuu, but when I saw the Banpresto figure of Sailor Moon I've fallen in love. I didn't cared for her "low-quality"; for me she were perfect and I still own her, holding her close like the first day in Paris in 2015 were I brought her. But it was in 2016, at the Japan Expo in Paris, that I really jumped into the hobby with buying what I always dreamed of THE PROPLICA!

And here I am: drowning in Pre-orders, checking Mandarake more then twice a day, just as AmiAmi, on the hunt of figures of my favourite characters ♥ AND HENSHIN ITEMS! Those has always been my weakness, since I am really into cute and sparkly and PINK stuff - and into girls kicking butts and androgynous boys with long black hair, oh yeah! And I have a terrible weakness for the antagonists. Their grin make me want to fall on my knees haha ♥ I am really, really weak for them, cant to anything against it hehe

Chibimoon is my favourite I AM SO MUCH INTO THIS CUTE PINK PRINCESS she has been my favourite since I was 6 and I still love her soooo much. She may be a little spoiled brat but I love her for that.

Buuuuuuuuuuut I also looooove and adore Sailor Moon and their precious relationship!

I am a supporter of all Sailor Moon-Variations; I can see something loveable in every version, so please no hate ♥

But I also like BL and Yaoi. Damn I do. I am into cutest fluff, but also the angsties angst and sometimes into the hardest porn. KawoShin is my OTP! I collect every douji I can find of them ;w; their sweet love story breaks my heart and it breaks my heart that people call them just friends, like lol what. I am looking forward to the next installment of the NGE universe and hope the best for them. Even if I really adore Kaworu I also like Shinji very much; I sympathize with him and his troubled mind and just like Kaworu I wish for his happiness.

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0Il y a 3 moisshinjikshinjik
I'm always happy to help in any way I can ^_^ This new figure from e2046, they promise to open pre-orders this month. And I really love KawoShin couple <3
Aimaileafy (Il y a 3 mois) #17926272Thankyou so much for the Mandarake link! And in general all your Sailor Moon Information ♥! I follow you on twitter and the newest Tweet with the Sailor Moon-Figure of the promo-poster took my breath away. SO SO PRETTY!
And you are also a KawoShin-Supporter! If you don't mind... I've sent you an FR >////w////< ♥
0Il y a 5 moisAtras-KainblutAtras-Kainblut
Aimaileafy (Il y a 6 mois) #15806491Ich hab das Figuren-sammeln erst vor relativ kurzen für mich entdeckt (dank Japan-Expo und einen Job mit mehr Gehalt und... ZU TOLLEN FIGUREN xDDDD), daher bin ich noch nicht lange hier und meine Sammlung noch klein >w< ♥
Aber ein großes "Hey ho" auch an dich!

Dafuer hast du aber schon 'ne stolze Sammlung zusammen, alle Achtung :)
Figuren Sammeln macht aber auch suechtig...selbst wenn man keine Stellplaetze mehr frei hat XD
Ich versuch mich in den letzten Jahren arg zurueck zu halten...aber unter'm strich klick ich dann doch immer wieder auf den Bestellbutton ;3;
0Il y a 6 moisAtras-KainblutAtras-Kainblut
Hey ho! Ich wusste gar nicht dass du auch hier bist :D
0Il y a 9 moisTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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