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0Il y a 7 mois (Il y a 7 mois)JinZoJinZo
Airtail (Il y a 7 mois) #17946075Ty!! I truly appreciate that you enjoyed my blog, you're the first to say that without me asking, "how is my blog?" LOL

Legit laughed when I read this haha

It's weird, I've never been too familiar with tumblr, but I found it soothing just scrolling through your page. I also enjoy the music on there. Makes sense Tori no Uta would be on there, Airtail!
0Il y a 7 moisJinZoJinZo
I like your tumblr man. Aesthetic and good taste in 2D women. :D
0Il y a 8 moisAirtailAirtail
Utage (Il y a 8 mois) #17400444Happy belated birthday!
Thank you!! :)
1Il y a 8 moisUtageUtage
Happy belated birthday!
1Il y a 8 moisHiroto_SumiHiroto_Sumi
Happy Birthday!

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