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0Il y a 4 ansWolfwoodWolfwood
Haha! This Tonegawa figure is damn awesome!
By the way... I want so much trading figures the the first Kaiji season! Figures with Furahata, Andou, Funai, Kitami, Ishida, Sahara, Tonegawa and Kaiji of course. This would be awesome, or? I like the first season a little bit more.
0Il y a 4 ansSuperbivoidSuperbivoid
Happy Birthday! I love your avatar! XD
0Il y a 4 ansKaichiKaichi ☆☆☆
Welcome!! I hope you have a great time here!
0Il y a 4 ansCupcakez89Cupcakez89 The quiet one
Welcome to MFC! Ahhhh! Your avatar is so cute!!!
0Il y a 4 ansJackyanimalJackyanimal
Hi welcome to Myfigurecollection!
Hope you enjoy your time here. :3

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