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My name is Ashleigh... theres nothing really else to say other than that I'm a collector (which should be obvious)
My favourite anime and manga are: Owari no Seraph & Boku no Hero Academia

Fav Ships ~ View spoilerHide spoiler

Mikeala & Yuuichirou
My all time favourite OTP

Bakugou & Kirishima

Mom and Dad ~
Shinya & Guren

Mom and Dad 2 ~
Daichi & Sugawara

Mom and Dad 3 ~
Usui and Mizuki
(As you can see I like mom and dad ships)

Seung and Guang ~
There is like no interaction between them but damn they would be such a cute ship

Favourite characters ~ View spoilerHide spoiler

Owari no Seraph ~
Shinya Hiiragi
Mikaela Hyakuga
Yoichi Saotome

Gintama ~
Sougo Okita

Yuri on Ice ~
Yuuri Katsuki

Haikyuu ~
Sugawara Koushi
Yamaguchi Tadashi
Sawamura Daichi

Days ~
Ususi Yuuta
Mizuki Hisahito

All out ~
Oharano Etsugo
Sekito Kirishima

Touken Ranbu ~

Boku no Hero Academia ~

Aoharu X Kikanjuu ~
Hotaru Tachibana
Midori Nagamasa

Attack on Titan ~

Bungo Stray Dogs ~

Danganronpa ~

Dramatical Murder ~

Gurren Lagann ~

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0Il y a 2 mois (Il y a 2 mois)NunnallyLuluNunnallyLulu
AshuriiKareshi (Il y a 2 mois) #19616093Image~
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Thank you ^^ I still need to add more but finding the time to look for images to add sucks. Especially because for some characters I'll have to make my own gifs ;-;
And I think me and bearcat are gonna skip on them. They just don't stand out to me like some of the other merch does. Thank you for asking though, it's really appricated and if there's anything else that just has the main 3 in it feel free to ask (especially if it's rubber or acrylic straps XD)

Ooo at least you can do that :D I do know how you feel trying to look for them >< .

Oh what a bummer ! These are one of my favourite kind they have released surprisingly and it would have been cheaper for one of you to host and ship to me but alas, neither of you like them hahaha.
I'm sort of discouraged to open a split though, if there was just a couple of Australian yuri fans I had that bought stuff too I'd be okay.
Thank you for letting me know ~
0Il y a 2 mois (Il y a 2 mois)NunnallyLuluNunnallyLulu
I love your new updated bio! ^o^////

I don't know if these interest you, but I was thinking you could have both Yuri, I could have both Victor & Bearcat could have both Yurio?
Bearcat (Il y a 2 mois) #19377212
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0Il y a 3 moisPlatoGPlatoG
hi, you will like this
[ext link ]
0Il y a 5 moisNunnallyLuluNunnallyLulu
This made me think of you! :D picture #1685205
0Il y a 6 moisDBZRuss25DBZRuss25
I left you a pm

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