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Abby9960RGBlv10 Aquamancer Mage
Happy Birthday ^^!
Il y a 6 mois
AwesomeLoliLover (Il y a 1 an) #14543311I've sold some already and it is upsetting *cries* but I know I will get my girls and ladies back in the future. Gotta think smart, I was too loose with my money. I should have thought about savings and not just spending my money. Ooohh I can't wait to get my higher paying job. Luckily I have been able to save some figures, not all, but some. Most are still being sold sadly.
Hopefully Yuu is completely cast off. Too sexual for me to leave open in my room (I leave the normal nude ones open, not really concerned about family or kid relatives seeing nude ones but when there is penetration I keep it in my secret cupboard lmao)
You're welcome for the Jauce link. It's awesome, if a bit pricey.
Good luck getting the tapestries you want! Those are sexy.
That new Imako would break anyone's rule about two of the same figure lol it's freaking sexy.
Lot's of awesome new figures in the works, but currently I only preorder from sites that let me cancel because I will most likely cancel.
This: ITEM #484178 looks great! I wish they would do a loli version too so I could have them side by side lol I like all females.
Not bad hope your getting your money worth back :(
I got all 3 ones I wanted

That swing girl does look fun and with a loli by her, we can only dream haha
Il y a 1 an
Hope your settle in at your parents and happy to hear about the job as well can get some your ladies back ;)
lol damn I have some digging to do been off the pc for a while, so much sweet things are popping up.
Had a feeling you keep those two, most of all ITEM #113643 I want her so bad... that doesn't sound good haha
The fate girls did look sexy but I trust your word on them, they are selling really high what stop me from getting them.
Yuu Is looking great seen a few pictures so far, good chance they be on the main market. her top looks kinda cast off so maybe they did both :)

Man I love that Jauce site got 3 tapestries thanks you again for that link.
Got ITEM #284092 So pumped for it too, Cura has to be my favorite loli artist. That one you got ordered is epic, try finding the last few days no luck.
Got these other two as well ITEM #425158 and wing-auctions.c.... Hmm don't have to click the links, well try to find better pics of them later.

That Imako will make me break my rule of having one of each.

Edit: the first link is ok but the one I really like is hard to find.
Il y a 1 an
AwesomeLoliLover (Il y a 1 an) #13602572Aaahhh I have bad news. My car's transmission went and I am gonna need a couple thousand dollars to replace it. I think I am going to sell most of my figures and retire until I get a new job. Might even sell a couple of my guns as well. Sucks because wonfest revealed some awesome figure prototypes (ITEM #397108 and ITEM #331654 are god damned must haves!) I should be getting a good job next year, like 60k a year good (getting only like 25k a year now). I am going to compile a list of figures I'll want to buy aftermarket (including the ones I have sold) once I have the means to get back into this hobby. I need to be smart with my money.
I don't want my amiami and Hobby Japan accounts to close so I am going to put the preorders on credit card but then just sell them, might keep one or two.
Sad day man but reality can bite sometimes lol just gotta go with it.
I don't what to say. That's really sad to hear dude, you have a lot nice pieces but guess you are given no choice really :( What ones were you thinking of keeping around. Wow hope you can get that one 397108 girl in the aftermarket she turned out really cute, but unsure if the thong is set right by the plug but who cares I must get one... or maybe I buy two and save one for ya ;) I also just saw those two girls picture idea like a week ago or so, lol that didn't take long to see a prototype. I really like that one though just wonder how hard it's going to punch the wallet.
Also sorry I haven't been on to much lately just really over loaded my plate, now I'm paying for it ha
Il y a 1 an
AwesomeLoliLover (Il y a 1 an) #12480421Aah okay, good reasons to friend someone! I haven't checked out your collection yet though I intend to look through it a bit. Might find something I missed! Thanks for the friend add!

Your welcome :) hope you like what you see in my collection
Il y a 1 an
AwesomeLoliLover (Il y a 1 an) #12475987You are welcome! Always good to have friends! Anything about me in particular that caused you to request a friendship? Just curious.

Thats true always good to have more friends :) what caused me to request your friendship is that I liked the items on your wishlist and owned list, I like having friends with similar interest that way I can see what their looking forward to in the next few months in terms of what items their buying and what items they own in case I missed any good releases. I like your taste in Loli's :)
Il y a 1 an
AwesomeLoliLover (Il y a 1 an) #11920465Yeah my Sana is shirtless too lol She is very cute and I like the acrylic plate that came with her too.
It's fine to move the Chibis around in different little positions. Yeah her buns are great, to be honest the tone of her skin is a little off and the face isn't as good as the chessboard one but overall I love it. Looks nice in my display area! She is likely to only go up in price sadly, but we'll see, maybe they made a lot lol
Man if they get painted I will lose my mind. Lil girlies showing off their tiny boobies aaahhh it's just so great! Yeah we need more lolis! I am excited for ITEM #330765 and ITEM #363376. Though to be honest the longer they take to come out the better, more time to save money lol
My finances are shaky which means my collection is still on the line. Hopefully it all goes well and I won't have to sell any. I have recently preordered these: ITEM #396811 ITEM #394223 ITEM #331724 ITEM #434944 I figure that if I can't afford them I can resell them, maybe even for a profit, but I should be fine.
How have you been? Sucks about work, my job thankfully isn't like that. Your new profile pic is super sexy!
Doing pretty good now, work has finally got into order. Thanks found that after I was reminded of a artist I saw way back when I was a kid and was allowed into a amine shop with 18+ stuff and the guy let me buy a art book by Range Murata haha My parents tossed it when they found it i think, just glad I was reminded. Love sci-fi style.... be nice if they made more lewd sci-fi figures.

I liked the base deffainly beats a old slab of plastic, hehe nice I only guess she would be ;) Might remove the tie as well today if I get to taking a pictures.

Yeah I would move them around time to time as well haha, sucks about the paint job. Wonder why this happens is it the painters or like the cold during shipment dulling the skin? Good to hear you got a display for now, so your little beauties can get some air.

I will too man, the style of them is so very hot and those are some nice figures as well, Was looking into the cleric one but that sunflower girl is new to me and really adorable.

Hope you stilling balancing your monies, That's a epic list you got there. Glad you got Aihara Honami she is really a jewel of figures. The colors are just perfect ^^
The flower knight girl is really well done as well, but might have to pass on her due to my stock of 18+ figures orders, shame really her & the weapons look sweet.
Never played much Samus games but always enjoyed the the lore and game play of them. Waiting for them to make a sexy ver of her but don't that will ever happen haha.
I like that ash one too, I haven't dig around to much but think that's one the better Pokemon figures coming out/released. Been wanting to buy my friend a decent one.

I'v been ordering a few new ones as well so many sexy figs coming out now hard to pick through them, one i'm really looking forward to is ITEM #454730
Il y a 1 an
Thanks for approving my friends request :)
Il y a 1 an
AwesomeLoliLover (Il y a 1 an) #10855619I just paid for Sana right now. I am very excited to get her! She is so cute and the pose is so yummy with her cute booty!
I got the new Shiro figure. It really is amazing. The little Chibi figures are great and Shiro herself is amazing. And they paid good attention to her butt! She has a little wedgie that is so tasty!
It's ok you took long to respond, no worries! I've done it too.
I think the figures here: www.moeyo.com/a... are garage kits sadly, but I could be wrong. I hope to the loli goddess that they get made as prepainted figures. So cute and sexy! Can't wait to see what the butt looks like, it's so cute I might buy it anyway, garage kit or not XD
Got my Sana while back, she is really cute. Left her with out the shirt and kept the tie haha. Only down side was the neck gap on my figure, so I have to display her on a med level but before I can do that I need to buy one more case :P

Nice glad she turned out awesome :) I thought about getting that one just for her buns alone haha but got the swimsuit instead. Down the road might grab one when it's on sale, tho might not happen she seems like it will only go up in price. Plus that chessboard one is really fine too.

Think they will get made into painted for sure... Really hope so, been getting to many adult ladies. Other then Imako I don't have many more my flat chested beauties pre-ordered

So how's thing been, hope you got your finances are in order. I just got off 10 days in a row of work, hate how they do that to me haha.
Il y a 1 an
Oh hate to message you again but I just saw this www.moeyo.com/a... Am I dreaming or these might get made :D
Il y a 1 an
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