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There's not much to know. If you really do wanna know, check one of the sites listed on my flavors.

Granted the main place you'll find anything worthy of knowing when it comes to me is my tumblr or my twitter.

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0Il y a 2 ansYukimeYukime
Happy birthday!
0Il y a 3 ansCrysisJDCrysisJD
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
0Il y a 3 anssarnagonsarnagon
Happy Birthday Ayatan
0Il y a 5 ansMikuNyanMikuNyan
Happy Birthday!! (●⌒∇⌒●)
0Il y a 5 ansShenWongShenWong
Happy Birthday! Have a nice day! :D

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