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Just an independent designer who enjoys figure collecting.

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0Il y a 5 moisoborooboro
Ill buy ur odins sphere figures pm sent
0Il y a 6 moisjessicrottejessicrotte
Thank you!DFC7 (Il y a 6 mois) #17828123Thanks right back! I wish you the best with the new directions of GoFigure.
0Il y a 6 moisGSLinuxGSLinux Love coding, video & fi...

Just opened the package and everything is as it should be. Miku and Riina arrived in perfect condition; nicely packaged too. Thank you for everything! :)


0Il y a 6 mois (Il y a 6 mois)jessicrottejessicrotte
Thanks for the FR!
0Il y a 9 moisHarukaHaruno1991HarukaHaruno1991
what are your pair in love live muse?
you are ll fan ?

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