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I'm a musician. I make experimental and (hopefully) weird and interesting electronic music. I also play the Trombone. I love art and have come to appreciate it a lot more after years of watching anime and reading manga.
I like having conversations with people (most of the time).

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0Il y a 3 ansAki_AsagiriAki_Asagiri
DorkingtonPugsly (Il y a 3 ans) #1856564Hihi! Just wanted to say I noticed you like Dogs: Bullets & Carnage and Miwa Shirow's art in general. You have awesome taste! I too love his art and the series. Volume 9 is coming out dec 19th and features LukiNoki [ext link ] I love it.

Thank you for your comment ^-^
I love, love, love Dogs! It´s my absolute favorite manga! <3
I wish there was a anime based on the manga (except the four short OVAs >.< )
I´m reading the english version, so I have to wait longer for the 9th volume QQ but the cover looks so nice!
0Il y a 4 ansgokuthepowergokuthepower
Could it be possible to talk about your Homura figure sell on skype ? here is my skype: elevesimon
0Il y a 4 ans (Il y a 4 ans)cressidiacressidia
Yaa bro, i actually got the same sora figure that ancer has
0Il y a 4 anscressidiacressidia
DorkingtonPugsly (Il y a 4 ans) #1492810Thanks... what makes you say that?
0Il y a 4 anscressidiacressidia
Hope all is well on the other side of the US lolol

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