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If you want to see my favorite series, check out my favorites list.

My top 10 favorite visual novels
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1. Muv-Luv Alternative
2. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
3. Ever17 –The out of Infinity –
4. Sengoku Rance
5. Rewrite
6. Fate/Stay Night
7. Baldr Sky Dive
8. Grisaia no Kajisu
9. Yume Miru Kusuri
10. Little Busters!

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My waifus
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My husbandos
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Some rad music:

I make god-awful videos on youtube:

I love eroge and visual novels! So I will talk most about them.

Nekomimi (猫耳) have been growing on me recently.



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1Il y a 8 jourssarisariasarisaria DREAM FIGHTER
GCNess (Il y a 15 jours) #22007374https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/2013716433/_.png
Hello! Thanks for the friend request!

thank you for accepting! and for the Rin (*´ω`*)
0Il y a 10 joursFreedomerFreedomer
GCNess (Il y a 10 jours) #22234092Happy Birthday!

0Il y a 1 moisLunarjasminLunarjasmin
GCNess (Il y a 1 mois) #20812980Happy Birthday!
Thank you! ^^
0Il y a 2 moisLepetit89Lepetit89 The Running Library
GCNess (Il y a 2 mois) #19873660How have you gotten so many doujins?

Ah, hey there! I've been collecting Doujinshi for a little less than seven years now, so a lot has been piling up in that time. Aside from that, I don't have too many other expenses, so most of my income goes towards my collection; works out since I enjoy adding entries here.
3Il y a 3 moisStalgonoffStalgonoff
As the comment below says on the article upon which you asked for help has comments disabled, so people will have to comment on your profile, which is more effort than a lot would go to.

If it's just paint transfer try using rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol). Gently rub it into the affected area to remove the paint transfer. I've done it with wipes and q-tips dipped in liquid isopropyl alcohol to the same effect. I have not noticed any damage to the figures doing so, although it may leave a sheen on the area if you use the liquid form. You can just use a damp cloth to remove it. If you are worried about potential damage you can test it on an inconspicuous spot first.

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