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0Il y a 3 ansTomoHimawariTomoHimawari
Gamma (Il y a 3 ans) #1966655Yes, while 'soft' may be the wrong word ^_^
Her chest is not solid, and made of thinner material than the rest of the figure. So it is possible to squeeze them quite a bit ;)

Thanks for the information!
0Il y a 3 ansTomoHimawariTomoHimawari
hi!You have Full Puni Cattleya right?May i ask if she has soft boobs or not
0Il y a 3 ansBlackOutBlackOut
Heyho, bitte schön :) Danke fürs annehmen ^^
0Il y a 4 ansfrerr2frerr2
Wow. love your collection. Impressive. XD
0Il y a 4 ansBLKstarBLKstar
Thanks for the friend invite and thanks for all the info about the pillow. I can't wait to order my very own.

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