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It's painful, but I need to cut down on my stupidly huge collection. Figures for sale are under lists and in my shop.

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0Il y a 1 anKonekoRawrifyKonekoRawrify
Hexin (Il y a 1 an) #2088908She's still available. Was thinking $55 shipped or so.
Meaning $55 (Figure+shipping included) or $55+shipping? O.O
0Il y a 1 anKonekoRawrifyKonekoRawrify
Hi Hexin,

Is your Mikasa figma still for sale? I noticed you mentioned something about market price, but what do you have this figma priced at? (I wasn't sure if you priced her at the same amount as her first or second release. ^u^;)
0Il y a 1 anarisutanarisutan やれやれだぜ
Hexin (Il y a 1 an) #2016997Actually, more are available now, as I'm trying to cut down on my collection.
Just double checked what I still have available and updated my list. They should all be here: (mfc link)
Looking for $10 each for the LS petits, with discounts for bulk.
thanks very much! just wanted to check since they were put up quite a while ago and sometimes people forget to make them unavailable. i'll message you if i decide to buy ^_^
0Il y a 1 anarisutanarisutan やれやれだぜ
hi there, you've got a number of lucky star petites for sale that were added quite a while ago, are they actually still available?^^
0Il y a 2 ansgreatlandstandergreatlandstander
Hi there, homura just arrived, she seems to be in good condition. thanks for packaging her so well!

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