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Hey what's up??

I love collecting in fact I only really started collecting because of my love for Portgas D. Ace!


(◍•ᴗ•◍) ♡♡♡

Characters I want to focus on collecting

-Portgas D. Ace
-Akutagawa Ryunosuke
-Yagen Toushirou
-Tsumugi Aoba
-Seung-gil Lee

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0Il y a 3 joursathrunzalaathrunzala
HypedSniper (Il y a 6 jours) #20146464OMG don't worry about late replies! You're doing your exams?! Good Luck!!!
( ;∀;)人(・∀・ )
Hey what are you studying at university anyway?? You are kind to give up your slots I appreciate it (;A; ) Enstars is so wonderful and cruel. Don't worry the event will be done soon >♡< Thank you!! I hope I can get him in revivals. I have given up on ranking and am concentrating on Points (ᗒᗨᗕ)
Thank you!! I'm finally done my exams though I won't have much time to relax until my summer classes start in a week ;;;
I'm majoring in biology and psychology, with a minor in classical studies haha. How about you? I saw that you put student as your occupation as well :o
I absolutely hate the last day of an event. Usually I can't afford to sleep through even the last 4 hours in fear of my rank dropping out of my desired tier ;;; Aaaa that Mika card is actually pretty strong stats wise so it'd be good to get him while you can!
0Il y a 8 jours (Il y a 8 jours)athrunzalaathrunzala
HypedSniper (Il y a 11 jours) #19914990Hey thanks! (〃≖‿≖〃)ノ haha no I don't mind. Yeah I have noticed that Rei is hard to get in splits... Geez. It maybe a good thing he isn't my number one fav. That would be terrible (/>♡<\) Since Tsumugi is my fave it's not so bad I guess. Tbh I don't think I can turn back now. The current event in the game is killing me (-﹏-。) I really want Tsumugi's (my son) card but ranking = RIP.sorry for the late reply, I'm currently in the middle of finals! I haven't really been a fan of the current wave of Tsumugi merch so far tbh so I don't mind giving you my slots haha. GOSH MAN. WHY DOES ENSTARS KEEP MAKING ME RANK WHEN I HAVE EXAMS ;;; awwww I hope you get him eventually...even if not now there's always the revivals...or his points 5* in the future!!!
0Il y a 11 joursathrunzalaathrunzala
HypedSniper (Il y a 13 jours) #19871194Seriously?! Haha I'm flattered. Your collection is very nice btw (〃’∇’〃)ゝ I see a distinct theme of Undead especially Adonis(。・ ω<)ゞ My enstars collection is currently none existent orz. You're right enstars was a mistake >< rip to my bank accountHehe yeah your comments in threads are actually so cute with all the emoticons you use if you don't mind me saying dsjksd YEAH omg I was working on an undead itabag but its really hard to even get Rei to complete sets without having to also take a lot of unwanted slots...so now I just collect my top 3 boys usually ;u; jfdkdfjnk maybe its good your enstars collection is like that...its not too late to turn back LOL
0Il y a 12 joursNunnallyLuluNunnallyLulu
OMG who is that beautiful boy in your profile picture? ヾ(๑ㆁᗜㆁ๑)ノ”゚
0Il y a 13 joursathrunzalaathrunzala
HypedSniper (Il y a 14 jours) #19799353Thanks for the friend request! ^^ that was really unexpected hahaI've been meaning to send you a friend request for a while now tbh ^^

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